VALORANT Champions: Qualified Teams, Start Date, Prize Pool And Everything We Know

VALORANT Champions 2021 is the most significant year-end event that will feature the best from every region. Winners from the VCT Stage 2 and 3 automatically qualified for the Champions.

Teams from all around the globe have fought throughout three stages to secure a spot for the Champions. Now, only four teams will go through Last Chance Qualifiers from each region to make it a 16-team pool.

Most of the LCQs have been completed around the world, and fans are waiting to see the final contender from the VCT NA Last Chance Qualifier. Team Liquid, Furia and Full Sense have successfully booked their spot for the year-end event.

Here's everything you need to know about VALORANT Champions 2021 tournament.

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VALORANT Champions Start Date

The VALORANT Champions 2021 is scheduled to be hosted between 2nd to 19th December. Riot Games are yet to announce the official prize pool for the tournament. Besides bragging rights, the winners of the tournament will become the first world world champions.

Most of the teams that have qualified so far did that by winning Masters or gaining circuit points in tournaments. Here are all the teams that have qualified for VALORANT Champions so far!

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VALORANT Champions Qualified Teams

VALORANT Champions 2021 will be taking place from December 1-12, and the event will feature sixteen teams, twelve who will qualify through their performance during the regular season and four through the Last Chance Qualifiers.

Throughout 2021, teams from all over the world competed with the singular goal to qualify for Champions. A sequence of three Challengers and Masters events awarded points to top finishers at each event, with teams such as Sentinels and KRU qualifying into Champions early by dominating their regional competition.

Masters Winners

Circuit Points Qualifications

  • Acend - EMEA Circuit Points
  • Fnatic - EMEA Circuit Points (Masters 2 Finalist)
  • Vision Strikers - KR Circuit Points
  • Crazy Raccoon - JP Circuit Points
  • Team Vikings - BR Circuit Points
  • Keyd Stars - BR Circuit Points
  • KRU Esports - LATAM Circuit Points
  • X10 Esports - SEA Circuit Points
  • Team Secret - SEA Circuit Points

Last Chance Qualifiers

  • Cloud9 Blue - NA Last Chance Qualifier.
  • Team Liquid - EMEA Last Chance Qualifier.
  • Furia - SA Last Chance Qualifier.
  • Full Sense - APAC Last Chance Qualifier.

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VCT Last Chance Qualifiers

NA Last Chance Qualifier

Cloud9 Blue was crowned winner from the VCT NA LCQ. They will join Team Envy and Sentinels to represent North America in Champions.

The action from VCT Last Chance Qualifier North America is scheduled to restart on 27th October 2021. The grand finale will be played on the 31st, and that will decide the final team for VALORANT Champions 2021.

EMEA Last Chance Qualifier

Team Liquid was crowned the winners of VCT EMEA Last Chance Qualifier, and they will be the fourth and final team from the region.

SA Last Chance Qualifier

Furia was crowned the winner of the VCT SA Last Chance Qualifier.

APAC Last Chance Qualifier

Full Sense was crowned the winner of the VCT APAC Last Chance Qualifier.

VALORANT Champions Schedule

Riot Games are yet to announce the schedule and format for the tournament. However, if we are to follow League Of Legends then fans can expect a double-round robin for the group stages. We will update this section once the official schedule is released.

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