VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2 : All Weekly Challenges And Rewards

VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2 is now its second week, and fans are satisfied with all the new changes introduced to the game. The new map Fracture was added as a separate unranked mode, and it will enter the normal game modes from next week.

Episode 3 Act 2 is scheduled to last for eight weeks, where players would get new weekly challenges to grind. These challenges will help players level up quickly in the game, and will also contribute to their battle pass progression.

So, if you're eager to know more about the weekly challenges in VALORANT, then we have you covered. Here are all the eight weekly challenges players will have to complete in Episode 3 Act 2.

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VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2: How To Complete All Weekly Challenges?

The new battle pass has numerous gun skins and cosmetics which players can unlock by completing all the weekly challenges. Completing all these challenges will also help players to increase their account rank.

The daily challenges regularly reset around 6:30 am EST every day. Similarly, the weekly challenges normally receive updates every Tuesday. Here are the eight weekly challenges for VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2:

Week 1

  • Deal 18000 damage (10800 XP)
  • Play 10 games (10800 XP)
  • Use 200 abilities (10800 XP)

Week 2

  • Team Plant/Defuse 20 spikes (12000 XP)
  • Get 45 headshots (12000XP)
  • Use 25 ultimates (12000XP)

Week 3

  • Kill 100 enemies (12000XP)
  • Play 150 rounds (12000XP)
  • Purchase 100 items (12000XP)

Week 4

  • Use 200 abilities (14400XP)
  • Deal 18000 damage (14400XP)
  • Use 25 ultimates (14400XP)

Week 5

  • Team Plant/Defuse 20 spikes (14400XP)
  • Kill 100 enemies (14400XP)
  • Play 10 games (14400XP)

Week 6

  • Get 45 headshots (18000XP)
  • Purchase 100 items (18000XP)
  • Use 25 ultimates (18000XP)

Week 7

  • Deal 18000 damage (18000XP)
  • Play 150 rounds (18000XP)
  • Use 150 abilities (18000XP)

Week 8

  • Get 45 headshots (20400XP)
  • Kill 100 enemies (20400XP)
  • Play 10 games (20400XP)

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