VALORANT: New Map Fracture Is Set To Change The Game From Episode 3 Act 2

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This image features the Radianite Reactor at the center of the Fracture map in VALORANT.
Credit: The Reactor from Fracture in VALORANT (Image via Riot Games)

Fracture, the new map in VALORANT is quite innovative with its unique H-shaped design. The map has several new key features which players will love once the Episode 3 Act 2 update drops.

We had the opportunity to test out the map in the early access for the next act. On the surface, the new map is one of the best things to happen in VALORANT.

However, Fracture has been equally criticized and adored by experts for its design, and only time will tell if this map is viable for pro play.

Similarly, several community experts claimed that it is the best one in the game. Nevertheless, here is everything we learnt from playing Fracture in VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2 early access.

New Map Fracture Will Change VALORANT Forever

Fracture is going to feel like a breath of fresh wind for those who are tired of playing the traditionally styled maps in VALORANT. This new map exposes players to a new and more vigilant form of defending.

Oddly enough, the defending side spawns at the middle of the map, while the attackers spawn on the outer edge. The alternative spawn for the attackers allows teams to coordinate a double envelopment strategy on either bomb site.

According to experts, Riot has taken the concept of map control and implemented a unique vision that will give players the best map in the current pool. The bombsite layouts are much better than other maps, and the angles are relatively easier to hold.

Players can come up with creative setups while playing as a defender. Fracture encourages and rewards multiple setups on either side, especially for Sentinel and Controller agents.

The map can become a horror fest for duelist as there are too many angles to cover at once, but nothing is impossible with a well-coordinate strategy. The map is rich with angles that can have one-way smokes and pop-flashes.

First Pincer Move Map

Fracture's open design allows attackers to implement the classic pincer move on defenders. Each Spike Site has two entries from opposite sides, which makes it deliciously complicated for defenders.

You can either choose to hold angles or play retake, but that's just one way of playing the came. Defenders can come up with all sorts of aggressive positioning to confuse the attackers and stop their impending rush on either spike site.

Similarly, attackers can coordinate their attack and pin down the opponents at certain choke points to gain easy access to the site.

The most unique feature of the map is the zip-lines at the attackers spawn. These ropes can be critical for rotations, but make sure to check your mini-map, as defends will camp at terminals to get easy frags.

Players can shoot while ziplining, but they cannot jump off, which makes them an easy target in-game. Even KAY/O ultimate ability is useless on the ziplines, as shooting him in his ult will directly eliminate him instead of the regular knockdown.

Fire Lore Based Map In VALORANT

Fracture is about to become the first lore-based map in VALORANT, opening a multitude of storytelling opportunities for the developers. VALORANT's Creative Director, David Nottingham, recently tweeted about how this map will reveal more about the narrative with every patch update.

These story elements will make it easier for players to understand an Agent's character development in the VALORANT universe. At the same time, this will become the first source of official lore straight from the devs.

Fracture is arriving on 8th-9th September with the VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2 update. Make sure to tour the map in practice mode before jumping into the action, you might just find a corner no one knows about!

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