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Valorant: Character Tier List And Best Agents To Use


Valorant, has finally launched, and we've been able to play as multiple Operators.


It's still early doors, but based off of the gameplay we've seen, we can probably get a good idea of which characters are better than others.

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S Tier


Jett has some powerful offensive abilities that can easily be chained together and become lethal.

Although she may be tough to use initially, those with a cool head a precise aim will find her to be devastating at picking off opponents.

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One of the few healers in Valorant at present, Sage can put up a number of obstructive objects up.

Her Slow and Barrier Orb can be really problematic for any teams on the attack.

Not only that but she can heal allies and resurrect them from the dead.

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Sova is a reconnaissance expert, three of her abilities will give you intel on the opponent's whereabouts - something very valuable in a one-life game mode.

It will be tough for attacking or defending teams to get away from her and to make matters worse she seems to do a great deal of AOE damage.

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Phoenix appears to be a great all-rounder, possessing great offensive and defensive abilities.

His ultimate is incredibly powerful for playing an entry fragger role and being able to respawn once killed.

When you couple this with Curveball or Hot Hands, it's going to be tough to keep him out.

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A Tier


Brimstone feels like one of those characters that won't immediately catch your eye, but will ultimately play a big part in matches.

He's able to launch a volley of obstructive smokescreens, along with large orbital blasts making site rushing very effective.

Where he will fall down is that his abilities are very team orientated and if he's last alive will have limited use of them.

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B Tier



Cypher has some unique abilities that realistically may sound fancy, but will likely do little to impact gameplay other than slow down opponents.

The most useful ability has to be his ult, which will extract information from dead enemy players.

However, you'll be reliant on you and your team getting kills and enemies being around to make full use of it.

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Omen probably has far more impact in games than his abilities describe, but for now, they seem far less practical than other agents.

His ultimate is undoubtedly the most redeeming factor, but how often in a game will you get it and will maps allow it to really shine?

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Viper looks like an annoying character that when played well on defence will really cause problems.

He's another agent that is redeemed by a strong ultimate, allowing him to become a walking nuclear recon drone.

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