Valorant: Character Tier List And Best Agents To Use

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Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 has released all over the world, and players are still figuring out the best agents to use in the current meta. The new update also came with tweaks and balance changes for guns, and this has facilitated a new weapons meta in the game.

The new Agent KAY/O is absolutely different from every other character, both in form and function. His suppression abilities opened up several new avenues for players to explore with their strategies.


At the same time, his artificial intelligence adds to Valorant's storyline. The game is evolving, and players need to adapt to it to rank up quicker.

So, if you are wondering which are the best agents to use in the current meta, we have you covered.

Table of Contents

Here is a list of the best and worst Agents one can use in Valorant Episode 3 Act 1.

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Latest Changes VALORANT Patch 3.06

22nd September -

The recent Patch update 3.06 has nerfed Jett and Skye, and buffed KAY/O. This change will take effect from 22nd September 2021. Thus, Jett might fall off the S-Tier, but players will have to wait for a while to see how these changes affect the meta in Episode 3 Act 2.


Similarly, KAY/O buff definitely brings him up in the meta, but we will have to wait and see if he is viable in higher ranks. As for Skye, the changes to her animations timings does have slight impact on her gameplay, but its nothing too major. Skye will remain in the S-tier until further changes.

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S-Tier: The Best VALORANT Agents

The current meta in Episode 3 Act 1 favors Sentinels and Initiators, and is difficult for Duelists. The Controller role wasn't affected too much with the latest patch update. However, playing a Duelist at lower ranks might not be the best option.

That being said, players with impeccable aim and masterful movement can rely entirely on their gunplay to win matches in Valorant. Especially after KAY/O introduction, the gunplay has become critical.


The Radiant flower girl from Australia has come a long way since her introduction to Valorant. Riot recently tweaked Skye's kit which made her more powerful than ever.


Her area-scouting flashes along with the Seekers ultimate makes it impossible for opponents to rush spike sites. Skye is definitely a part of the S-Tier in Episode 3 Act 1, and is a must pick for every team.

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Described as the most selfish agent in Valorant, Reyna is not having a good time in Episode 3 Act 1. The primary reason is KAY/O.

At the same time, Reyna's flash ability got an increase in price just like every other agent. Although Reyna is still viable in the meta, her pick rate has reduced since KAY/O introduction.

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Despite all the changes, price increase and meta shiftsm Jett retains her status as an S-Tier Agent in Valorant Episode 3 Act 1. The price of the Operator was decreased and Jett is still the most effective Agent to use snipers with.


Her ability to dish out damage, or create distance between the enemies makes her the top Duelist in the game.

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Viper is perhaps the only controller to make it to make it to the S-Tier after the recent update. Her kit still remains to be most lethal for a controller, and this agent can take control of sites quicker than others. At the same time, Viper contributes to the post-plant meta which makes her a necessary pick for every team.

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A-Tier: Good Choices

Valorant - Breach (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant - Breach (Image via Riot Games)


The current meta in Valorant will favour agents with flashes, blinds and concussions. Technically, it means that Agents like Breach would be quite powerful after the Episode 3 Act 1 update. Breach has sustained his spot as one of the top Initiators for quite a while, but with Skye and KAY/O introduction, Breach now places in the A-Tier.

The agent is still 100% viable, but its a question of personal preference and meta agent advantage.

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The new agent KAY/O comes with the suppression mechanics in Valorant. His abilities can be used to stop opponents from using their abilities. This makes KAY/O one of the strongest Agents in the current meta.

Coupled with the pop flashes and the grenade, KAY/O has established his dominance in the current meta.
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The Space and Time controlling agent in Valorant got a slight tweak to her kit in the recent update. Players start the game with fewer Astra stars as compared to before.

But the agent still retains her top status as one of the stronger controllers in Episode 3 Act 1.

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Cypher's traps were recently tweaked in the update, and now it stops the opponent Jett from dashing through his traps. This new feature has brought power back to the all-seeing Sentinel in Valorant.


Cypher can be difficult to master, especially because of his cages and ultimate ability. However, once players master this agent, they will rarely want to play others from the same category.

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Sova is a reconnaissance expert, three of her abilities will give you intel on the opponent's whereabouts - something very valuable in a one-life game mode.

It will be tough for attacking or defending teams to get away from her and to make matters worse she seems to do a great deal of AOE damage.

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B Tier: Value In The Right Hands

Valorant - Raze (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant - Raze (Image via Riot Games)


Oh how the mighty have fallen - is perhaps the best phrase to define Raze's status after the latest update in Valorant. Not only did Raze receive a price increase for her Ultimate, KAY/O introduction makes it even more difficult for the duelist.

Most of her abilities can be countered by KAY/O, and even Raze's ultimate ability can be discharged by KAY/O's Zero/point or ultimate. Raze is still a strong agent in the right hands, but her pick rate has declined exponentially after the latest update.

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It was difficult to place Killjoy in the S Tier since her release, but the recent update has made the Sentinel quite powerful in Valorant. Her utility allows KJ to lockdown entire sites while holding off the opponent.

Combined with the post-plant meta for her swarm grenade, Killjoy joins the S Tier in Episode 3 Act 1.


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Another agent that has fallen from grace is Sage. Her importance in Valorant started declining once Skye was introduced. However, after KAY/O introduction, Sage has fallen from the meta.

Her healing ability is done much better by Skye, and her revive ability is the only thing that motivates players to choose this agent in Episode 3 Act 1.

To conclude, Sage isn't the agent you want to choose in Valorant after the latest update, but in the right hands, Sage turns into a surgical weapon.

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Omen has also fallen from his hallowed status after the recent changes. Although he remains to be once of the best smoke agents in the game, Omen's importance has been reduced substantially.


On the teleportation aspect, Yoru is better than Omen. Similarly, Skye's blindside are better than Omen's. As far as smokes go, Viper and Astra have taken to that role much better than Omen.

Currently, he is one of the worst agents to use in Valorant, but in a veteran's hand, Omen can become a real nightmare.

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C-Tier: The Worst Agents In VALORANT


The Japanese bad-boy made an exuberant entry in Valorant with his rift walking abilities. Yoru is undoubtedly the sneakiest Agent in Valorant, but is often considered the weakest Duelist in the mix.


Yoru's kit was tweaked with the latest update, and the major changes were introduced to his flash and fake footsteps. The developers mentioned earlier that Yoru's fake footsteps would become more dynamic in Episode 3.

If you're looking to be the perfect entry fragger, who can flash and get a pick or two without worrying about rotation, then Yoru is the agent to use!

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Phoenix appears to be a great all-rounder, possessing great offensive and defensive abilities. He is still 100% viable after the recent changes.

His ultimate is incredibly powerful for playing an entry fragger role and being able to respawn once killed.

When you couple this with Curveball or Hot Hands, it's going to be tough to keep him out.


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The old-dog of Valorant is getting older with each update, and his importance in reduced to the bare minimum. Brimstone has never made it to the top of the meta in Valorant, and that is a result of his kit.

With three ground smokes, a combat stim and a long-range molotov, the agent is only effective after a post-plant scenario. He cannot pop one-way smokes, or dish out excessive damage with his kit.

Inevitably, Brimstone is one of the worst Agents to play in the current meta, but in the right hands, even the old-dog can turn into a fierce bloodhound.

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