18 May 2021 8:31 PM +00:00

Valorant: Killjoy Agent Guide - Abilities, Best Weapons, Equipment, Tips And Tricks

Valorant is Riot's brand new tactical FPS, and it's out now. We're looking at the game's characters and their abilities.

Valorant's brand new agent was announced today, and Killjoy is arriving as part of Act 2.

With a brand new set of abilities to learn and master, let's take a deeper dive.

Here's our agent guide for Killjoy!

Killjoy Official Gameplay 


Below is a full list of Killjoy's abilities and how they function: 



Equip a covert Alarmbot & Fire to deploy a bot that hunts down enemies in range. (200 creds)


Equip a Turret that fires at enemies in a 180-degree cone.

  • 125 HP
  • 8 DMG (close)
  • 6 DMG (20 meters)
  • 3 DMG (35 meters)


Equip a Nanoswarm grenade and activate to deploy a swarm of nanorobots. (Becomes invisible after placing it down)

Lockdown (Ultimate)

Equip the Lockdown device which when activated detains all enemies caught in the radius.

  • 150HP
  • 7 ULT points

Gameplay Tips And Tricks

Killjoy is unlike any agent we have seen in Valorant thus far, instead of relying solely on your own aim you will be able to fall back on her many abilities. 

If you are familiar with Overwatch this agent will play similar to Torbjörn, who also specialized in using a turret. 

Alarmbot will act as a drone that can target enemies as long as they are in range, and can prove deadly if used in the right hallways. This will be beneficial for scouting areas ahead, where you are not sure if there is an enemy camping on a certain corner or not. This will be best used when you are on the attacking side of the map!

The Turret is pretty self-explanatory, and will mow down your opponents if they run into it! It will be intriguing to see the locations where players are able to place this turret on all of the maps. There are bound to be some game-breaking locations, where you will be able to place the Turret and players will have no idea where they are getting shot from. 

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Nanoswarm is a lethal grenade that will summon a flurry of nanorobots, that can do deadly amounts of damage. We recommended using this set of grenades for when you are about to enter a narrow room, or you and your team are looking to clear out a bomb site. Perhaps the back bombsites on the map Bind is where this ability will be used the best!


Her Ultimate ability is called Lockdown, which will essentially freeze all enemies within the range of the Ultimate. Like any ultimate ability finding the right time to use it is important;as you do not get the chance to use these often. With that said, Lockdown is going be a massive ability in retaking bombsites or for rounding corners where there are a lot of enemies. Doing so will allow you and your team to come in and clean them up with ease!


Combining Abilities

One combination that immediately strikes us which could prove beneficial to you and your team, is using the Alarm Bot to scout the area ahead; then follow-up with a throw of the Nanoswarm grenade!

The Lockdown ability can be used in succession with the Nanoswarm as well, making for a devastating amount of damage to all the enemies you catch with the Ultimate.