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Valorant: Yoru Agent Guide

Valorant is currently in Episode 3 Act 1 and has five Duelists in-game. Every Duelist poses a unique threat for the uninitiated, which is why they are considered the best Agents in the game.

Yoru being the latest of the lot is an Agent with immense potential, but has a low pick rate in higher ranks. Hailing from Japan, the Rift Walker can phase through dimensions to gain vantage points from off-angles.

Players looking to master this stealthy Agent before Episode 3 Act 2 arrives will need to get habituated with Yoru's kit.

Here's our guide to this agent!

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Is Yoru good in Valorant?

Yoru is more than just a "teleporter" in Valorant. The Rift Walker adds a unique dimension to how Duelists are used in the game. His kit is based on outplaying the opponent more than

He is also the least picked Agent in the current meta, and he barely made an appearance in the recent VCT Masters 2 Reykjavik tournament.

The Agent has faced recent criticism from Valorant players, for being a good concept character with impractical in-game mechanics.


Is Yoru good for beginners?

Yoru is the best mixture between Jett, Omen, and Skye. Simultaneously, Yoru is a valuable pick to counter Agents like Killjoy, Raze, Brimstone, and Cypher. However, the character is relatively difficult to master, especially because of his diverse abilities.

Regardless, the Rift Walker is undoubtedly the most stealthy Agent in Valorant. Understanding his abilities will help players to make a difference in Ranked matches.

How To Play As Yoru - Abilities & Skills

Fakeout (C) - Equips an echo that mimics footsteps when activated. Players can use it directly with the fire button or can place it at a spot to activate later.

Gate Crash (E) - Equips to harness a rift tether that allows Yoru to teleport. The fire button sends the tether moving forward, and Alternate Fire places the tether at a spot. Players can activate the tether at any time to teleport.

Blindside (Q) - Equips an unstable dimensional fragment from reality that can be used as a one-way pop flash. The flash activates after bouncing on a surface.

Dimensional Shift (X) - Equips a mask that allows Yoru to see between dimensions. The fire button activates the drift into Yoru's dimension. Players can also cancel the Ult midway or teleport to a different location while in using his ultimate.

Yoru Best Weapons

The best weapons to select for any Agent in Valorant will depend on their role and the player's playstyle.

So if you're aggressively pushing sites with Yoru for entry then these weapons will be the best choice.

  • Ghost
  • Stinger
  • Spectre
  • Phantom
  • Ares

In case you are hanging back and adopting a passive playstyle with Yoru, then work your way around with the following weapons:

  • Bulldog
  • Guardian
  • Vandal
  • Odin
  • Operator

Master Yoru With These Pro Tips

Players need to adapt to Yoru's stealthy playstyle to master the Agent. For instance, Yoru can use Fakeout to trigger Cypher's traps, Killjoy's bots, and also Raze's boom bot. He is one of the very few Agents in Valorant who is capable of wasting the opponents' utility.


Subsequently, Yoru's ultimate makes him invulnerable and invisible at once. This makes him phase through most of the opponent's abilities.

Let's consider a hypothetical - imagine you're up against a Brimstone in a post plant 1v1 situation. You can expect that the opponent will use Brimstone's ultimate, albeit from a safe distance, to stop you from defusing the bomb.

Thankfully, Yoru's Dimension Shift allows him to pass through opponents' ultimate abilities without a scratch.

Yoru can just activate his ultimate and phase through Brimstone's Orbital Strike or Sova's Hunter's Fury. Aggressive Yoru mains can push Initiators and Controllers when they're using their ultimate abilities. Timing it properly with a Fakeout, or a one-way flash will almost always guarantee a free pick.

Players can also cancel Yoru's ult midway, timing this trick properly will catch the enemy off guard. The Agent can teleport using Gate Crash while in his ultimate. However, the Rift has to be activated before Yoru goes in his ult.

Yoru's kit depends on out-thinking the opponent. It allows players to come up with unexpected plays that are quite spectacular to watch.


Combining his abilities, especially his footsteps, flash and teleport will allow players to catch the enemy off-guard.

Yoru's flashes are perhaps his best asset, and experienced players usually throw pop flashes at choke points to get easy frags.

Jiggle peeking with Yoru has its benefits, as players can often teleport to a different location after spotting an enemy.

Similarly, using his fake footsteps to exit a site will always force a reaction from the opponent team. Most players rush in on site to get an easy kill just from hearing the retreating footsteps.

This is one method to trick your opponents as Yoru, and catching them off guard.

Yoru's ult may not be as strong as other Duelists, but it is much better compared to Phoenix's.
Yoru can get out of his ult any time, and can also teleport to a different location with his gatecrash.

This allows the Agent to get behind enemy lines and get a kill or two from his location. Alternatively, players can also use Yoru's ult to escape sticky situations. A timely Yoru ult will catch the opponent off-guard, but players need to make sure they're not in the enemy's radius.

There is only one rule of thumb when it comes to Yoru, don't be predictable. This is just a glimpse of things players can do with Yoru, the possibilities are endless.

What Is Yoru Weakness

Experts claim that Yoru is the weakest Duelist in the game, and they have a good reason for it.


Unlike Jett, Phoenix, or Raze, Yoru's kit doesn't have abilities that can damage or kill the opponent. Neither does he have self-healing abilities like Reyna.

Most of Yoru's abilities in the game are used for deception and repositioning. He is undoubtedly the fastest Agent to rotate across the map with his gatecrash ability, but that's about it.

In reality, Yoru is not as strong as most of the agents in the game, and players have to depend on their raw aim every time.

Yoru's gatecrash and his ultimate makes considerable noise when it's in the opponent's radius. This helps opponents to predict Yoru's moves and kill him easily.

The most effective method to counter an opponent Yoru would be to follow his teleport locations. Oftentimes, players tend to stick to the same lineups for gatecrash and flashes which makes them predictable.

Keeping a note of these will help players predict where Yoru is going to be, and that can change the tide of a match.