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Valorant: Raze Agent Guide

Valorant currently has 16 unique characters in the agent pool. Out of these characters, Raze is surely one of the best Valorant Agents, to begin with.

In the right hands, Raze can become an explosive engine that not only provides entry but also damages the opponents enough to push them back.

So if you are wondering how to master Raze before Episode 3 Act 2 begins in Valorant, then we got you covered.

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Here's our comprehensive guide to this Agent.


Is Raze good in Valorant?

Raze is from Bahia, Brazil and represents the Duelist class in Valorant. She is undoubtedly one of the strongest Agents blessed with an explosive utility kit.

Raze's kit allows her to clear areas quickly, and she can use her Blast Pack to get a height advantage over the enemy.

This makes Raze quite a versatile Agent that can rush on sites while attacking, and defend incoming opponent retakes with quick positioning.

Is Raze good for beginners?

Raze is not one of the starting Agents players will get when they begin their journey in Valorant. They will have to unlock Raze first before playing her in unranked or competitive matches. But does that mean she is not good for beginners?

On the contrary, Raze's kit gives every bit of firepower a beginner needs to master this game. She is the only Duelist to have an arsenal of explosives that can effectively take down the opponent without precise gunplay.


Her kit may sound easy at first, but it will take a while to master, especially her Blast Pack.

She is a highly skilled Agent with a deadly kit, so Raze may not be the best pick for beginners. However, if players are looking to play this Agent regularly from the start, then they would need to understand her abilities and skills first.

How To Play As Raze- Abilities & Skills

Boombot (C) - Raze equips a Boom Bot. Fire to deploy the bot, causing it to travel in a straight line on the ground, bouncing off walls. The Boom Bot will lock on to any enemies in its frontal cone and chase them, exploding for heavy damage if it reaches them. The Boom Bot can be destroyed by enemies.

Blast Pack (Q) - Raze instantly throws a Blast Pack that will stick to surfaces and begin arming over 0.5 sec. Re-use to detonate, damage and knock away anything hit. Shooting the pack will also cause it to detonate. Damage falls off to 30% at the max range. Blast Pack will not damage Raze or allies, but they can still suffer fall damage.

Paint Shells (E) - Equip a cluster grenade. Fire to throw the grenade, which deals damage and creates sub-munitions, each exploding and dealing further damage.

Ultimate ⁠- Showstopper (X) - Equip a single-use Rocket Launcher and light its fuse. Fire to launch a rocket, which travels in a straight line and explodes on contact, dealing high damage to enemies caught in its blast radius.

Raze Best Weapons

The best weapons for any Agent will depend on their playstyle. So if you're aggressively pushing sites for entry then these weapons will be the best choice.

  • Ghost
  • Stinger
  • Specter
  • Phantom
  • Bulldog

In case you are hanging back as Raze and adopting a passive playstyle, then work your way around with the following weapons:

  • Guardian
  • Vandal
  • Odin
  • Ares
  • Operator

Raze is unanimously considered the best agent to entry frag in Valorant. This is because of her high damage utilities, and most of it is used to clear out corners and choke points.

If you are entering sites by double-jumping with Satchels, then make sure to use the Specter, Bulldog or the Phantom over other weapons for close-range accuracy.

Master Raze With These Pro Tips

Raze can turn the tide of any match in Valorant with her high damage utility. This makes her one of the most deadly Agents to engage with, and quite challenging to counter. This is why Raze has a high pick rate in the higher ranks and official tournaments.


Players need to realize that there is no rule set in stone while playing Raze. Most of the ability usage will get better with practice. For starters, anyone trying to play with Raze should focus on their basic movement, aim, game sense, and decision-making skills.

When it comes to using Raze's utility, there is a lot of damage players can inflict on their opponents. This becomes crucial when the opposing team doesn't have a healer.

Her Boombot and Paint Shells allow her to damage enemies while closing down spaces swiftly. Raze's Boombot is the perfect utility to enter a site with. While the bot can be destroyed by the enemy, it will give Raze a crucial second to react and kill the opponent before they can reposition their crosshair.

The bot is essentially used for intel gathering more than an explosive utility. So make sure to always follow the bot or send it in a direction your teammates are entering from.

Using the bot to peek towards the enemy will be the bread and butter technique for every Raze player. However, they will have to come up with unique variations to surprise the enemy.

Raze can also gain a height advantage over the enemy by Blast Packing. However, mastering the double-jump technique with Raze will take some practice.

For instance, players can use Raze's satchels to jump onto any of the boxes and structures on Bind. This dynamic remains the same for every map and becomes exceedingly effective on Icebox.


To perform the double satchel jump with Raze, players will need to do the following. Gain a certain amount of momentum before jumping on the blast pack to get a forward boost. Without letting go of the W key (forward button) use the second satchel mid-air. The trick to use Raze's blast pack/satchels properly is to time it right.

To top it off we have Raze's ultimate, which is perhaps the most fatal weapon in Valorant. Her Showstopper gives Raze a bazooka to hit opponents with.


Its area damage destroys anything in its trajectory and instantly kills the opponent. Raze also gets a neat blowback from the bazooka which saves her from the blast radius.

Most of the time, Showstopper will guarantee a kill on an unsuspecting rival. However, opponents in higher ranks will tend to wait out Showstopper's timer to avoid any casualties.

Always make sure that you are activating the Ultimate when close to an opponent, and using it to fire at close to mid-range.

Overall, Raze is still an S Tier Agent in Valorant, and it's quite tricky to replace her from that category even with the recent changes.

What Is Raze Weakness?

Damaging and entering spike sites is fundamentally Raze's role in Valorant. While this is her greatest strength, it can also become her fatal flaw.

Raze's abilities allow her to deal damage to the enemy from a considerable distance. But using her utility without cover will make the player vulnerable every time.

For instance, entering a site without using abilities to clear out corners will always result in death for Raze. Similarly, throwing a grenade every time an opponent shoots you will only wasting a crucial utility.


Most players have noticed that it is easier to kill a Raze when she trying to use her abilities. This is because of the animation for each ability.

Raze is at her most vulnerable when she is jumping up with Blast Packs or aiming her grenade. At the same time, it is more difficult to control any weapon while Raze is in mid-air.

In conclusion, Raze is one of the strongest Agents in Valorant who can deal a lot of damage to the opponents. There is very little to counter Raze in ranked games, so the best advice is to shoot on sight, or make her waste her utility.