Valorant: How To Unlock New Agents

Valorant agents, Pheonix and Jett, are shown.

Valorant agents, Pheonix and Jett, are shown.

Valorant is a class-based, first-person, tactical shooter developed by Riot Games. It offers a series of unique characters called Agents, each with their own set of abilities. There are Duelists, Sentinels, Controllers, and more, who all have different skills across the map. You'll begin with five agents, so you'll need to unlock agents through a variety of means in order to fill out your roster.

If you want to try to unlock new agents, and as fast as possible, this guide explains how.

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Valorant: How To Unlock Agents

There are multiple ways to unlock new Agents in Valorant, but the key thing to remember is that all can be earned through gameplay — but you can spend money if you'd prefer. There are three ways to unlock them, which are as follows:

Level Up

When you start playing Valorant, you'll be able to unlock two additional characters whenever you reach Level 5 and Level 10.

When you reach each of these levels, you will be able to pick an agent each time, either through an in-game prompt or via the 'Agents' menu. Choose these agents carefully, as any agents you want to unlock afterwards will require a lot of gameplay or some real-life cash.

Earn XP

Already reached Level 10 and got your two new Agents? The good news is that you can also activate contracts on the Agent menu to then earn XP towards unlocking one.

You can switch between each one without fear of losing your progress, and will get some rewards such as Sprays, Cards, and Titles along the way too.

  • Simply head into 'Agents', and find the Agent of your choosing.
  • Click 'Activate Contract' to ensure your XP will go towards that unlock path, and then earn enough to get to Level 5 of the contract and unlock them!

Spend Money

As with most games, you can skip the 'grind' of earning XP by opening your wallet. You'll need 1000 Valorant Points to skip five levels of the unlock path and — that's around £10.

Again, you'll need to follow the 'Activate Contract' steps mentioned above after having purchased the Valorant Points.

Not Sure Who To Unlock Next?

Wondering which Agents are worth unlocking first? We have a Tier List!

That's all you need to know about unlocking new Agents — and unlocking them quickly — in Valorant, For some tips on how to improve your Valorant gameplay and make the most of your new agents, check out our guide on how to get better here, and our beginners tips here!

This article was updated on 15th November 2021 by Kelsey Raynor.

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