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VALORANT: How To Unlock Agents

VALORANT, Riot Games' class-based tactical shooter, offers a series of unique characters called Agents.

There are duelists, healers, and everything in between, but aside from a limited selection of starting options, you'll need to unlock agents through a variety of means in order to fill out your roster.

Here's how to unlock them all.

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VALORANT: How To Unlock Agents

There are multiple ways to unlock Agents in VALORANT, but the key thing to remember is that all can be earned through gameplay - but you can spend money if you'd prefer.

Level Up


When you start playing VALORANT, you'll be able to unlock two characters just by reaching level five and level ten.

Doing so will allow you to pick a pair of Agents, either through an in-game prompt or via the Collection menu.

Activate Contracts

Already reached level 10 and got your two new Agents? The good news is that you can also activate contracts on the Agent menu to then earn XP towards unlocking one.

You can switch between each one without fear of losing your progress, and you'll need to level up five times to earn each one.

  • Simply head into Collection, and find the Agent of your choosing.
  • Click 'Activate Contract' to ensure your XP will go towards that unlock path, and then earn enough to get to level 5.

Spend Money

As with most games, you can skip the 'grind' by opening your wallet. You'll need 1000 Valorant Points to skip five levels – that's around £10.

Again, you'll need to follow the 'Activate Contract' steps mentioned above.

Tier List

Wondering which Agents are worth unlocking first? We have a Tier List.