Valorant: Story And Background For Riot's Tactical FPS

Valorant Agents, from left to right, Phoenix and Jett.

Valorant Agents, from left to right, Phoenix and Jett.

Valorant is more than just a mindless shooter, Riot Game's tactical, team-based FPS (formerly known as Project A) plans to tell its own story. It's something that most tactical shooters have failed to do and have struggled to put across.

Games like CS:GO have no backstory, and other likes Overwatch struggle to translate the story into the game. It's becoming an increasingly popular trend amongst shooters and can be seen developing in games such as Apex Legends. So, what is the story and background in Valorant?

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Valorant Story And Background

Riot Games aim to do most of their storytelling in-game, and before you write it off as a simple shooter, they have confirmed and explained that there is a backstory to the title.

Valorant is set on Earth in the near future with futuristic technology. At some point, there’s a mysterious world-wide event called “First Light". Although it's unclear exactly what this event is, it gives certain people around the world new hyper-natural powers.

These powers also brought about massive global changes, including the rise of new governments. In response, a new organisation called Valorant is created by secretive backers.

Fortunately, the story won't end there, it will continue to grow and evolve after release.

Valorant’s creative director David Nottingham explained some story material will happen outside the game but will be reflected back in the game. Similar to how Black Ops Zombies introduced a comic series that was integral to the story and timeline.

Nottingham confirms that, as a result, the in-game world of Valorant will be constantly evolving — aesthetics in-game will change as the story progresses. He particularly championed how Epic Games change Fortnite's world and narrative without upsetting the core gameplay. So far, we have seen the introduction of new maps and Agents, as well as cinematics, which have expanded on Valorant's story.

That's all you need to know regarding Valorant's backstory. To learn more about the Agents themselves and which one you should play, we've got a handy guide here. We also have some beginners tips for those new to the game, or a guide to the ranking system for veterans taking part in competitive matches.

This article was updated on 16th November 2021 by Kelsey Raynor.

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