Valorant: How Agent Contracts Work

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Valorant Agents from left to right: Sova, Pheonix, Viper, Jett, and Cypher.

Valorant is Riot Game's tactical, class-based FPS game for teams of five. Just like most games, it rewards players after matches with XP, and additional XP for having completed daily and weekly challenges. This XP will be used in a contracts' system, which unlocks players new Agents to play as, as well as other goodies, including Sprays, Cards, Titles, and Pistol Skins.

In this guide, we've explained how exactly Agent contracts work in Valorant.

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What Are Agent Contracts?

Agent contracts can be found under the 'Agents' area of your main menu. From here, you can see which Agents you have unlocked, and which you're yet to get. Every new player to the game will have five Agents to begin with:

To unlock any new Agents, you will need to select them and then select 'Activate Contract'. From this point onwards, you must play games and complete challenges to earn XP, which will go towards the contract. Each contract has two chapters consisting of five tiers each. After completing five tiers — Chapter 1 — the Agent will be unlocked. The following chapter and five tiers within it will typically feature Charms, Sprays, and a Pistol Skin upon completion.

For new players, an Agent can be unlocked without having to grind for XP at Level 5, and another at Level 10. If you're particularly desperate for an Agent after this point and want to skip the rush for XP, you can unlock Agents using Valorant's in game currency — Valorant Points — which can only be acquired by purchasing them with real money. One contract costs approximately 1000 Valorant Points, which works out at around 9GBP in the store.

We recommend working with the Agents that you've got and having fun with them. You'll have unlocked all the Agents in Valorant before you know it if you remember to activate new contracts after each new unlock!


If you're new to Valorant and want to get the most out of your gameplay, we recommend checking out our guide on how to get better at the game. Additionally, two of the first things every player should do is amend their crosshair to suit how they play, and check their mouse sensitivity settings. With these sorted, and some tips fresh in your mind, you'll be able to secure kills and plant the spike no matter what Agent you're playing; and to help you decide which Agents to unlock first, check out our tier list!

This article was updated on 15th November 2021 by Kelsey Raynor. Contributions by Liam Bartlett.

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