08 Apr 2021 9:09 AM +00:00

Valorant: How The Contracts Work

Just like most games, Valorant rewards players after matches with XP as well as a fat bonus for daily/ weekly challenges completed during the match via the contracts system.

Earned XP, like other games, can then be used to unlock content.



What Are Contracts?

All players will have two contract slots that they will all progress through at the same time.

Slot 1 will be filled with either an onboarding pass or an Agent Contract.

New players get an onboarding pass of 10 tiers.

Completing the onboarding pass unlocks any two Agents of the players choice.

Once the onboarding pass is completed, players will be able to equip an Agent contract and start earning Agent-specific rewards.

Slot 2 will always be filled with the battle pass, or as Riot have decided to call it, Story Contract.

Players will always make progress on this contract and earn rewards along the way