Toxicity Continues To Be A Problem In Ranked Matches In Valorant

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Toxicity has forever been an issue in games like Valorant. Since the game has a very competitive approach, it sees a lot of "sweats" and "try-hards" on a daily basis.

Not only do players resort to being toxic towards the enemy, they end up doing so to their team mates as well. This is seen even more in ranked matches in Valorant.

While it's understandable that ranked matches in Valorant are important, players need to remember that it's a game at the end of the day. Rather than looking at it as a competition, it's better to focus on the fun aspect of it.


Valorant pros offer advice on how to mitigate toxicity during ranked matches

You know it's bad when pros themselves step in and say that things are getting toxic. In fact, we've reached to such a stage, that we've normalized toxic behavior during online matches.

Current Valorant pro and 100Thieves member Ethan "Ethan" Arnold tweeted out a couple of pointers for everyone playing the game.

He went on to say that players should ask themselves two things before saying anything to their team mates. One, would it tilt the other person? And two, could it be put across in a better way?


He believes that if players practiced this, ranked matches in Valorant could be so much better. His words hold true not only for ranked matches but unranked matches as well.

While this is more of a friendly advice that pros have to offer, Riot Games has taken a serious step in order to combat toxic gameplay. Based upon recent information, the company is analyzing voice communications of recorded players.

While this does raise a lot of questions about user privacy, the step is a bold one. Toxic communications often drive players away from the game. Not only that, they affect players mentally as well.

We'll have to see how Riot intends to deal with the privacy concerns their actions have raised. However, I personally feel that this move will probably reduce the toxicity we see in the game.