Valorant Conquerors Championship 2021 Registrations Go Live For South Asia

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Riot Games recently announced the Valorant Conquerer Championship for India and South Asia in partnership with NODWIN Gaming. This will be the qualifying event for the coveted VCT 2021 tournament.

The winner will face other teams from Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia in the APAC Last Chance Qualifiers for one slot in the VCT 2021.


NODWIN Gaming South Asia recently made the official announcement on Twitter, and it provided all the details for the Valorant Conquerer Championship.

Registration date

The official registration for Valorant Conquerer Championships starts on June 15th, 2021. Players can start registering from their respective regions at

All of the Qualifiers will be conducted in a Single Elimination format. Only the Wildcard Qualifiers will feature the Double Elimination setup.

The official blog mentioned:

"The teams from all the sub-regions will play qualifiers to reach the Playoffs and further to the Grand Finals."

Here are the registration dates for all the regions are as follows:



  • Registration: June 15th - June 28th
  • Qualifiers: 1st - July 11th

India Qualifier 2

  • Registration: July 14th - 27th
  • Qualifiers: July 29th - Aug 8th

Pakistan & Afghanistan

  • Registration: June 15th - July 5th
  • Qualifiers: July 8th - July 18th

Pakistan & Afghanistan Qualifier 2

  • Registration: July 7th - 24th
  • Qualifier: July 26th - Aug 5th


  • Registration: July 8th - 21st
  • Qualifiers: July 23rd - Aug 1st

Nepal & Bhutan

  • Registration: July 3rd – 15th
  • Qualifiers: July 17th – 22nd

Sri Lanka & Maldives

  • Registration: July 5th – 18th
  • Qualifier: July 20th – 25th


  • Dates: 10th - 15th Aug

Grand Finals, Rules and Prize Pool


Playoffs for the Grand Finals of the Valorant Conquerer Championship is scheduled to commence from August 19th – 22nd. The final itself will be held on Aug 28th – 29th.

The total prize pool for the tournament is $33,000. It will be divided into the following structure:

  • 1st place - $16,500
  • 2nd place - $8000
  • 3rd & 4th place - $3500
  • Tournament MVP - $1500

The Valorant Conquerer Championship is a free to play tournament where players can have up to six members in a team.

There is no rank requirement to sign up for the tournament, and teams are allowed to have a coach.

Players will not be allowed to change team information after registration closes, and unregistered Riot IDs will not be allowed in the tournament.

Every player must have a webcam during the broadcast stage of the tournament, and failing to comply will result in a default loss.

Tournament Phases

The Valorant Conquerer Championship will be divided into three phases. The first phase will be online qualifiers where teams will compete in a single-elimination bracket.

All of the matches will be in b03 format, and the qualifier finals will be b05. The winning team from each qualifier moves to the second Playoffs phase.

The second phase is the Playoffs where eight teams will be subdivided into two groups of four. These groups will follow the group stage league format. The top two teams from each of the qualifiers will book their spot in the finals.

The third and final stage is the Grand Finals, where four teams will battle in semi-finals and finals to be crowned the winners of the Valorant Conquerer Championship.


Regions and Server Locations

All the games in the Valorant Conquerer Championship will take place on a game server situated in Mumbai, India. Wildcard qualifiers, Playoffs and Grand Finals will be played in Mumbai Server.
Pakistan & Afghanistan qualifiers will take place in the Bahrain Server. For the Wildcard Qualifiers, Playoffs and Grand Finals, teams from Pakistan & Afghanistan qualifiers will get tournament accounts to play with.