Valorant players wonder if they’ll ever be able to gift skins to each other

An image of some Valorant skins that could be gifted.

An image of some Valorant skins that could be gifted.

Those who enjoy playing a bit of Valorant generally have a lot of fun doing so, with the battle royale game offering tons of interesting matches and challenges for those who aim to master it.

However, much like their Apex Legends brethren, sometimes these players find themselves with a few grievances to air regarding the game that aren’t just based on accidentally being killed by Skye's dog, with the game’s store being a source of regular unhappiness.

Currently drawing the ire of some of the Valorant elite is the fact that they can’t gift items to one another, a feature some claim to have been waiting years for.

Who would you like to give the gift of Valorant to?

Posting to begin a thread on this topic in the Valorant subreddit, user williamis3 cited an answer given by Miles ‘Riot Usury’ Metzger in a 2020 Ask Valorant session, which suggested that the ability to gift content could arrive in the game later that year, before saying: “It's now more than two years since he said this. Are they ever going to implement this? Or is this just a load of hot air? Because to me it seems like ‘soon’ isn't really soon.”

User TimeJustHappens quickly chimed in to offer an answer to all of those questions, citing an Ask Valorant from May this year, in which the game’s Product Manager Stephen Kraman said that a gifting system: “is currently in our backlog mostly due to prioritising other in-game changes, as well as exploring more comprehensive ways to bring it to VALORANT,” adding that there’s no timeline for the feature right now.

Meanwhile, another user replied: “don't get your hopes up,” citing a replay system that was planned for the game at one point, but revealed in that same May Ask Valorant not to be in the current plans for the game at all.

Others discussed how they feel about the lack of a gifting system, with user Devilswings5 saying: “I mean they’ve lost out on a ton of my money, recently I wanted to buy my friend the reaver set, but I can't.”

Others had different theories about how the implementation of such a system might go, with one user saying: “If they do add that, they need to just give us access to buying all (of the) skins all (of) the time, like League of Legends.”

On the other hand, user tomphz argued: “Gifting won’t work with their current store model because of alternate accounts. You could simply make five alternate accounts, check all their stores, and then gift all the skins to a main account.”

Regardless of whether you think the ability to gift skins would be a good addition to Valorant, make sure to follow us for more updates on Valorant’s Night Market and tips to help you win matches.

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