Apex Legends disappointed by legendary pack pulls

An image from Apex Legends.

An image from Apex Legends.

The players of Apex Legends can be pretty enthusiastic about their game of choice, assuming it’s breaking all-time playership records.

However, when it dares to do things that they don’t like, such as making it possible for Gibraltar to become an unstoppable bubble machine or giving Horizon faces for eyes, the Apex community isn’t shy in broadcasting its complaints loudly or even planning a strike.

Currently drawing the ire of some of these fearsome predators are the game’s legendary packs, which guarantee a legendary item, but not always the one you want.

Apex players are struggling to stay ahead of the pack using their legendary packs

Posting to begin a currently under review thread on this topic in the Apex Legends subreddit, user 0xyde1 shared a clip of them pulling a legendary holo from a pack, sarcastically captioning it: “You have a GUARANTEED LEGENDARY in your LEGENDARY APEX PACK!”

The majority of the Apex community responded to this agreeing with 0xyde1’s take, with user Sneakiest musing: “we'll be getting legendary stickers soon”, while scranton_strangler26 added: “the only gold items should be skins, emotes, and finishers.”

Meanwhile, user LeaveMeAloneLorenzo outlined how depressing 0xyde1’s situation is, saying: “Even as a Crypto main, if I had this legendary holo spray, I wouldn’t even want to run it because the one where it says ‘You’re so annoying’ is way better anyway.”

On the other hand, user Official_F1tRick provided some historical context, musing: “I can still remember when we mocked about getting a legendary Mozambique skin. Looking back at that time it wasn't even that bad considering what you can get from legendary packs now.”

An image of the Reddit thread on Apex legendary packs.
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Some other users shared their terrible pack luck tales to try and comfort 0xyde1, with Intelligent-Age2786 saying: “I got the legendary Ash finisher. I don’t play Ash” and Pashmotato128 adding: “I got a banner for a legend I don’t even have unlocked.”

Thankfully, user SiGitGanteng interrupted the pity parade to give their two cents on how they think getting the game’s items should feel, saying: “LEGENDARY items should ONLY BE THE ONES THAT MAKE US GO ‘WOHOOOOOOO!!!’”

Regardless of whether you’ve ever screamed ‘woohoooo’ while playing, make sure to follow us for more updates on Apex Legends Season 14.

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