Apex Legends Players Horrified To Discover Horizon’s Eyeballs Have Faces

An image of Horizon in Apex Legends.

An image of Horizon in Apex Legends.

The players of Apex Legends have discovered a lot of disturbing things in their time, from issues bad enough to prompt them to plan a strike to exploits that make Gibraltar an unstoppable bubble machine.

However, a new discovery has made these previous ones look tame in comparison, by unleashing the kind of terrifying body horror you’d usually find in a Resident Evil or Dead By Daylight game into the usually wholesome world of Apex.

Yup, thanks to the no-clipping of one player on Reddit, it’s now been revealed that Horizon’s eyes have miniature faces on them.

Apex Players Forced To Face the Truth

Posting to begin a thread about this alarming event in the Apex Legends subreddit, the user in question, YT_CokoFaag, shared the an image of the monstrous visage beneath the helmet of one Horizon skin, captioning it: “Horizon’s eyeballs have faces...”

The Apex community responded to this terrifying find in a number of different ways, with user Admirable-Donutt cutting through the sea of screams to declare: “this is cursed”, while ambiture could only find the words: “I don't like it.”

Others somehow managed to be more articulate, with one user affirming: “I could’ve gone my entire life not knowing this” and konohaknight asking: “how did you get a pic of my sleep paralysis demon?”

Thankfully, some were able to contain their fear through the use of humour, with user Aware_Negotiation160 wondering: “now, do the faces’ eyeballs have faces?”, prompting highonfire to reply: “it’s faces all the way down.”

A few gaming veterans in the comments weren’t as taken aback by the strange discovery, with user Bossuter musing: “ahhh, finding face textures in eyes the player can’t see, classic”, leading Bobbicorn to ask whether this is common practice, to which Anub-arak replied: “(this) probably makes it so they don't have to load in another texture for the eyes and just use a copy of the face texture. It makes sense, but at that point just don't render a face under the helmet.”

Meanwhile, a couple of tinfoil hat wearing users suggested that the strange occurrence could be a result of Horizon’s experimentation with black holes.

Regardless of whether you’re going to be able to sleep tonight having seen Horizon’s faceeyes, make sure to follow us for more updates on Apex Legends Season 14.

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