Apex Legends Players Think Gibraltar Needs Nerfing

An image of Gibraltar being OP in Apex Legends.

An image of Gibraltar being OP in Apex Legends.

When they’re not contemplating going on strike because of issues with the game or logging off to have wholesome real-life meetups, Apex Legends players generally spend a lot of their time trying out new mains and guns to get better at the game.

Sadly, it would seem that this has led some to find characters and aspects of the game that still need a bit of tweaking or balancing to work as intended.

The current target that’s been identified as in need of a rework is the loveable tank Gibraltar, with one player on Reddit sharing footage they think proves that his abilities are a little too overpowered.

Apex Players Believe Gibby’s Getting a Little Too Exploitable

Posting to begin this thread in the Apex Legends subreddit, user WSBEmperor shared the clip of them watching a Gibby kick some bottom from long range, with a string of energy bubbles popping up in quick succession, captioning it simply: “it's time to nerf Gibby again.”

The responses to this post saw a number of other players agree that the ult spamming shown in the clip is pretty unacceptable, with user JeLezen saying: “Gibby be like: Dome shield out. Dome shield o. Dome shield. Dome shi. Dome s. Dome. Dom. Do. D out. I got you bruddah.” and Y-m-k dubbing the phenomenon the “Gibby dome shield caterpillar.”

User Michaelz35699 asked the question on everyone's minds, enquiring: “is there a new infinite Gibby bubble exploit?”, to which NeGaT1Ve replied: “there is a new hack that lets you use any legend’s tactical or ultimate (abilities) unlimited times.”

Some users thought that this must be responsible for the bubble trail shown in the clip, with user _youngchocolate declaring: “no way there’s actually that many Gibbys over there”, causing 420Deez to respond: “plot twist: it’s 20 Gibbys all together.”

Others thought this revelation might explain things they’d encountered in recent Apex games, with user anon847382 saying: “Wow that must have been what happened the other day. Walked into Geyser and there were a million jump pads all over the place. Like easily over 20.”

User Brahskididdler recounted another possibly related experience, saying: “Last night for the first time ever, my friend and I experienced insane lag on a server. It would kick in and last for about a minute before ‘going back to normal’. Could those lag spikes be people spamming abilities?”

Regardless of whether or not you’ve achieved peak Apex performance, make sure to follow us for more updates on Apex Legends Season 14, which kicked off in May.

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