Apex Legends Players Have Wholesome Meet-up After Three Years of Playing Together

A screenshot from an Apex Legends trailer.

Multiplayer games like Apex Legends are supposed to foster camaraderie among players teaming together, with synergy often proving crucial to scoring the victory at the end of a hard-fought match.

For many, the relationships they foster with those they’re sharing the trenches with fizzle out as soon as monitors are turned off, but a select few bonds are more enduring, eventually leading players to seek each other out in real life.

This is just what’s happened to a few players recently and while it isn’t the first time, it can still warm even the coldest of hearts.

Apex Buddies Get Together in Real Life

Posting in the Apex Legends subreddit, user OMGitsSynyster shared an image of them meeting up with another Apex player, captioning it: “Met this guy on Apex Legends 3 years ago and we decided to keep playing with each other. We’ve continued gaming together ever since. He’s from California and I’m from Ohio, but today we finally met in Hawaii!”

Several users agreed with OMGitsSynyster’s assessment that: “it’s cool how games can bring people together”, sharing their own stories of meeting friends via Apex and other games.

For example, user Noktaj said: “I made life-lasting friendships while gaming. 99.999999% of the humans you are gonna meet online you are gonna ignore or despise, but sometimes something just clicks and you find yourself at their weddings 15 years later.”

User Daunt13ss shared an equally wedding-related tale, saying: “Awesome bro, one of my gaming buddies was the best man at my wedding! (It) brings people together from all different backgrounds.”

Meanwhile, several other users question who the third man in the photo is, prompting OMGitsSynyster to respond that the person in question is his best friend, who doesn’t play Apex, but does join in with other games.

Sadly, this being Reddit, many of these users had already begun riffing on the idea of the man representing the random players in Apex lobbies, with The_profe_061 saying: “Bet that random on the left hot drops into Hawaii airport, tries to 1v3 the baggage handlers and then (leaves).”

Another user joked about the pair's chosen meeting location, saying: “ah yes, Hawaii, the middle ground between Cali and Ohio”.

Regardless of where in the world you’re from or would choose for an Apex meetup, make sure to follow us for more updates on Season 13 of Apex Legends, which kicked off last month.

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