Apex Legends Friends Have Wholesome First Real Life Meet Up

An image of some Apex Legends friends having a wholesome meetup.
Credit: Reddit user Royalt_Y.

From obnoxious kids to foul-mouthed trolls and the occasional aimbot masquerading as a real person, many of the other players you might meet while playing an online game are people you wouldn’t want to bump into in person.

However, three Apex Legends players have proven that sometimes the real life meetup of your gaming squad is something that doesn’t have to end in disaster or awkwardness.

Posting on Reddit, one of the crew, user Royalt_Y, said: “Been playing Apex for 3 years and became friends online. We all finally met up with each other for the first time.”

Apex Legends Players Have Wholesome First Meet Up

As you can see from the picture above, the trio met up at a restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland for a meal and drinks.

The post garnered an overwhelmingly positive reception from Apex’s Reddit community and even attracted a comment from one of the development team at Respawn, who sarcastically joked: “I expect to receive only compliments about matchmaking from now on, thanks in advance”.

Among the other replies were a number of users glad to see evidence of other Apex players around their age, with user leeganz saying: “I love how you're all clearly over 30. I play with so many randoms that when they find out I'm 42 they're like ‘I hope I'm still playing computer games at your age’ like bro.... I've been playing for 35 years. You think I'm just gonna stop?”, to which Royalt_Y replied: “Right?? Exactly I've been gaming forever lol it’s not stopping now”.

User enigmaticbeardyman shared a similar experience, saying: “I’m 42 and have been playing video games since I was 8 and you are right, why would we stop the fun! Apex is my go-to game. Sometimes it feels a little odd when you hear younger ones on the mic, but I just turn my mic off and laugh at their conversations. My 8 year old daughter loves weekends as I setup two monitors, she smashes MineCraft while I Apex it up.”

Other users simply basked in the wholesomeness, with user guizmo_0886 saying: “wholesome Apex ;-; hope you had fun guys” and MyExScars adding: “I will never get tired of any of these posts”.

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