Apex Legends Players Suggest Game Is Only Fun With Friends Now

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The life of a lone Apex Legends player is a hard one, with only strangers to watch your back as you scythe through lobbies in pursuit of plunder and pleasure.

However, whether you’re a savvy veteran logging in on a daily basis or a casual player checking back in to try out some of the new content added by Season 13, such as legend Newcastle, you might not be in for as much fun as you expected from the game right now.

Players on Reddit are suggesting that times are tougher than ever at the moment for those who fight alone in Apex, with the recent evolution of several of its game modes having supposedly made the game a little frustrating when experienced without friends by your side.

Apex Legends Players Attempt to Make Game More Fun

Posting in the Apex Legends subreddit, user Phazze outlined their solo frustrations, saying: “Every queue is filled with 3 stacks,” and adding: “Ranked, Pubs and Arenas are all becoming increasingly annoying to play as a solo queuer.”

Several users agreed with many citing the current state of the game’s matchmaking as one of the factors inhibiting fun and arguing that the solo experience needs to be given more of a focus.

“When I play with at least one friend we get good ranked points, with two friends we get a lot of ranked points. If I play solo, it’s a total crap shoot and I usually get the full negative ranked points unless I play like a crazy rat” said user FreeDiRo.

User daditude83 added: “I just am not having fun right now which really sucks as I love battle royale and this game. King's Canyon split on top of this change may be the contributing factors, so I am ‘toughing’ it out and hoping that World's Edge is better, but I doubt it.”

Other users argued that this issue has been growing worse for a while and some even suggested that the introduction of a dedicated game mode aimed at solo players might be necessary.

However, all is not lost for those seeking only fun in Apex, as another thread in the subreddit, started by user NickG8971, might have some suggestions that can help solo players weather the storm until changes arrive.

The thread’s opening post features a number of challenges aimed to inject something unique into every Apex game to ensure that you don’t get too bogged down in the depressing realities of stats and wins.

Some of the ideas do take more than one person, but others, such as switching to different weapon types or specific legends for each game, are very much solo-friendly.

So, jump in, try to have some fun, and make sure to follow us for more updates on Season 13 of Apex Legends, which kicked off last month.

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