Apex Legends Newcastle - Abilities, Release Date, and More

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Season 12 has been a lot of fun, but we're closing in on the start date of the next Apex Legends new season of the year. As always, a new playable Legend is set to drop alongside it to spice up the next few months of the game. Below is everything we know about the Apex Legends Newcastle: the latest character to hit the game.

We've seen leaks about upcoming legends for some time now, but the first official details have now been released. As you'd expect, the latest Apex Legends character is set to drop alongside the next new season. Read on to find out what we know about this bulky new defender.

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When Is the Apex Legends Newcastle Release Date? - Season 13 New Legend Launch Date

Apex Legends Season 13 is set to bring Newcastle to the game on May 10. There's still a short wait before we can all drop in as this new defender, but it's much closer than back when Newcastle leaked earlier in the year. He's basically right around the corner now.

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What Are Newcastle's Abilities? - New Apex Character Skills

  • Retrieve the Wounded (Passive) - Using a Revive Shield, Newcastle can protect themselves and others from enemy fire while carrying teammates to safety.
  • Mobile Shield (Tactical) - Newcastle creates an energy shield perfect for using as cover in open areas. Players can move the shield to cover all angles from a potential attack.
  • Castle Wall (Ultimate) - Newcastle leaps forward to deploy a massive shield resembling a castle wall. Those in close proximity are knocked back while those behind the wall can use small cut-outs to fire their weapons.

Even a month or so ago, the new Legend's abilities were leaked on Reddit. You could see what they were, but they weren't officially named.

Now, with under a week until Season 13 begins, we now know information on Newcastle's abilities and how they can impact a game.

The list above goes over what we've managed to gauge from the trailer, but we'll update it with official in-game descriptions as soon as they drop.

When Will Apex Legends Season 13 Launch?

If it wasn't clear enough already from the Newcastle release date, Apex Legends Season 13 kicks off on May 10, 2022. The exact timing hasn't been revealed just yet, but with most new Apex Legends updates dropping at 1pm ET/6pm BST, it's safe to assume that's the time Apex Legends Season 13 will drop as well.

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Apex Legends Newcastle Lore - What's the Story Behind the New Apex Character?

Newcastle is the new Legend for Season 13, confirming the leaks from a few weeks back. Newcastle is a defensive Legend who "leaps into the fray to protect and inspire his fellow Legends: because that’s what heroes are for."

We should get more info about Newcastle between now and the release of the update, including a breakdown of what exactly they can do on the battlefield.

Season 13 Launch Trailer

The launch trailer for Season 13, which is known as Saviors, was released by Respawn this week.

It's the usual cinematic affair, but it does show off the new legend in action, so take a look at it. We'll get some more trailers between now and the new season's launch, so keep an eye on this hub.

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