Apex Legends Season 13: Gameplay Trailer, Release Date Confirmed, Newcastle Legend, and More

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Today is the day! Apex Legends Season 13 and the arrival of Newcastle is right around the corner. Excitement surrounding the new season continues to grow as players prepare to drop into the action once again.

Changes will be coming to the maps, events will be scheduled, and you'll need to learn the skills of the new legend.


For everything we do know about Apex Legends Season 13, keep reading below.

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Latest Apex Legends Season 13 News

10 May 2022 - Season 13 Patch Notes

Ahead of Season 13's launch, EA has revealed the Season 13 patch notes detailing a wealth of buffs and nerfs in addition to plenty of bug fixes.

Check out the patch notes in our article outlining all the notable changes to the game.

9 May 2022 - Newcastle Abilities

As players prepare for the launch of Season 13, Respawn has shared more information on Newcastle's abilities. Ranging from a moveable shield to producing a huge protective barrier, the Legend is going to prove extremely useful in tricky situations.

6 May 2022 - Season 13 Start Time

With under a week until Season 13 begins, some players are beginning to wonder what time of day the update rolls out. For all the intel on the Season 13 start time, check out our article.

4 May 2022 - Season 13 Patch Notes

With the excitement surrounding the launch of Season 13 building, we have a good idea of what to expect. While the official patch notes haven't appeared yet, we've collected all the information on changes arriving to the game.

2 May 2022 - Gameplay Trailer

With just over a week until Season 13 begins, Respawn is showing off new gameplay today.


The Gameplay Trailer will go live on YouTube at 11am ET/4pm BST on May 2, so check it out.

We should get a good look at Newcastle, the Season 13 legend.

28 April 2022 - Newcastle Legend Revealed

Just a couple of weeks out from the release of Apex Legends Season 13, Respawn has revealed the new Legend, who is called Newcastle.

He is a defensive legend who'll deploy shields and protect allies. You can see him in action in the Season 13 launch trailer.


We also have a good idea about what his abilities will be. The names and descriptions aren't official, but we have a good idea how they'll work.

  • Passive Ability - They can drag downed allies faster than they can crawl.
  • Tactical Ability - Mobile shield that's deployed like a drone.
  • Ultimate Ability - Deploys a castle wall that's a big shield you can shoot from.
21 April 2022 - Explosive Lobber Hop-Up leaked

On Reddit, u/IUmPotatos looked through an old map leak and found evidence of an Explosive Lobber Hop-Up.

They posted the following: "I don't know if anyone posted about this yet, but it seems there is a hopup slot for the LSTAR in the Divided Moon leaked clip. Maybe it's the explosive lobber hopup that was talked about before."

We should hear more about it soon as Apex Legends Season 13 is just a couple of weeks away.

14 April 2022 - First official tease -

With just a few weeks to go until Apex Legends Season 13 should begin, Respawn has begun to tease the new content.

The first tease is pretty vague, the short video showing a message saying "Warning - Deep sea seismic event detected."

That could hint at a variety of things. Maybe the Season 13 hero is connected to the deep sea world somehow, or maybe the event will affect the Apex Legends maps somehow.

We'll inevitably get more teases over the following weeks that give us more to work with.


22 February 2022 -

Apex Legends Cosmetic Researcher and Content Creator, @kralrindo, has discovered a few new details datamining the game files.

Supposedly, the files suggest that two new game modes have been found, one called "FreeDM" and another called "killingspree".

For now, there's no further info, but the game has form for adding new limited-time modes, and most recently players saw Control added with Season 12. Hopefully, more news will be revealed soon.

Apex Legends Season 13 Release Date

When will Apex Legends Season 13 start? That'll likely be the question on most fans' minds.


Just to help, here's a quick look at when the game's past seasons have normally started and finished:

Season Start Date End Date
Season 04 February 201919 March 2019
Wild Frontier (Season 1)19 March 201918 June 2019
Battle Charge (Season 2)18 June 20191 October 2019
Meltdown (Season 3)1 October 20194 February 2020
Assimilation (Season 4)4 February 202012 May 2020
Fortune's Favor (Season 5)12 May 202018 August 2020
Boosted (Season 6)18 August 20204 November 2020
Ascension (Season 7)4 November 20202 February 2021
Mayhem (Season 8)2 February 20214 May 2021
Legacy (Season 9)4 May 20213 August 2021
Emergence (Season 10)3 August 20212 November 2021
Escape (Season 11)2 November 20218 February 2022
Defiance (Season 12)8 February 2022NA

Thankfully, Respawn has now confirmed the start date of the new season. Apex Legends Season 13 will start on 10 May, 2022.

Is this Octanes father?
Is this Octanes father?

Season 13 Story

The Season 12 trailers for Defiance threw up a rather interesting blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment. Towards the end of the trailer, having been framed, Maggie comments that she's not the bad guy she's been made out to be. After showing the broken frames of Silva's glasses Octane comments "Papa? que esta haciendo?" which means 'Dad? What is he doing?'


It's possible we could see a deeper dive into this relationship between Octane and Silva as we approach Season 13, but for now it's unclear how the story will evolve over the coming months, especially without knowing who the Season 13 legend could be.