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Apex Legends Best Guns: Season 10 Weapon Tier List

The debate surrounding Apex Legends' best guns is one that will be asked for eternity. Much like the wars within the game, wars will rage eternally from behind keyboards as players defend their beloved Wingman or Mastiff until their dying breath.

However, there are patterns that you can notice. Certain weapons are just better than others, and its no disrespect to the P2020 to say it is exponentially worse than a Kraber - it's just the cold, hard, truth. Let's be completely honest here, you're hardly going to jump into an Apex Legends ranked match with two RE-45s, are you?

As such, we've created an Apex Legends weapon tier list. It may not suit your personal tastes, and there may be some controversial opinions enclosed, but overall it's a good indication of Apex Legends' best guns. We'll keep it updated with every update to the battle royale, but keep an eye on the latest Apex Legends patch notes as well, just to be sure of any balances.

Apex Legends Season 9 brought new Bocek Bow to the game, which certainly shook up things quite a bit, as did some weapon tweaks, and the creation of the new Marksman class. Who knows what's in store for Apex Legends Season 10, but for now here are Apex Legends' best guns:

UPDATE: We don't know a lot about the newest gun in Apex Legends, the Rampage LMG, just yet, but we'll add it to our tier list as soon as we've had a chance to play with it. For now, our guide should give you the gist of the weapon's capabilities (spoiler: it might be the Spitfire 2.0).

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S-Tier: The Very Best Apex Legends Guns

These are the finest weapons that you can find in Apex Legends. Pick them up without hesitation, trust us.

The Kraber, a sniper rifle with orange and white casing, shown against a desert background.
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Kraber (Care Package)


You'll be lucky to find a Kraber in your games, as it only appears in care packages. However, if you're lucky enough to grab one - or kill its previous owner - this sniper rifle can instantly kill any Legend with a headshot.

While it hits heads for massive damage, any shot will take out an opponent's shield, so make use of the big damage and let loose some shots.

However, we recommend getting some practice in the Firing Range first, though, as the painfully slow rate of fire and small number of rounds means you have to make every shot count.

R-301 Carbine

A great all-rounder in Apex Legends (as it was in Titanfall), the R-301 is the best Apex Legends gun for mid-range entanglements.

Although it offers some of the best iron sights in the game, attachments really bring out the best in the R-301, particularly a mid-range scope and an extended magazine. It has very little recoil (and a predictable recoil pattern), making it perfect for beaming enemies before they even know you're there.

The removal of Anvil Receiver in Season 10 will hurt, but not enough to knock it out of the S-Tier.


A favourite in the Gfinity offices, the Peacekeeper is a powerful shotgun that simply looks cool.


The Precision Choke is now also built into the shotgun, meaning that you'll be able to charge up those shots right away for maximum damage. Do this by aiming down the sights, which vastly reduces the shotgun's pellet spread and makes you more likely to hit massive damage. A surefire choice for Gibraltar mains everywhere, a good shotgun is vital to bubble fights, although some players prefer the EVA-8 at this stage.

Apex Legends Season 9 finds the Peacekeeper available to snag as floor loot again, which means it has received a slight nerf, but we love it nonetheless.

Alternator (Care Package)

Before the newest season we would have placed the Alternator fairly low but now it's better than ever. The Alternator will make its way into Care Packages and Disruptor Rounds are back. This hop-up was what made the Alternator a part of the meta season ago and we look forward to seeing it again.

M600 Spitfire (Care Package)

The Spitfire is was previously considered broken anyway but now it's about to get a whole lot more powerful. The Spitfire will be available within Care Packages in Season 10 and will likely be even more powerful due to this.

We've seen players wipe whole squads with one magazine from a Spitfire. The rate of fire is pretty slow and it takes a long time to reload (when you have to), but when opponents have to reload their weapons and you don't - it's hard to lose.

No doubt we'll see plenty of players begging Respawn to remove the Spitty from Care Packages.

If you want to be really spicy, play as Rampart for an even bigger magazine on this brutal LMG.

A blue, white, and gold Volt SMG being shown against a desert background with red training dummies.
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The Volt is an amazing energy SMG straight out of Titanfall 2, and, to be honest, it's really very good. The SMG takes Energy Ammo and fires it at a rapid rate, destroying shields in seconds at close range.

It's also our pick for the best gun for beginners to the game as it has basically no recoil and is simple to control. The SMG eats ammo, however, so be sure to stock up, and make sure to grab an extended energy mag to make the most of your pushes.

A-Tier: Great Choices

These weapons are not quite the best Apex Legends guns, but they're close.

A silver and gold Spitfire LMG is shown against a desert background.
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The R-99 is an amazing SMG at close range that deals 198 DPS. Grab an extended magazine and run headfirst into fights and you'll be odds-on to win.

The rate of fire is the R-99's best asset, so just make sure you hit as many of your shots as you can. Combine with an R-301 for some ranged support, or go balls to the wall and run it with an EVA-8 shotgun for the ultimate close-range carnage.

A bronze Wingman pistol shown in front of a desert.
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One of the most powerful guns in Apex Legends in the right hands, especially with an extended mag, the Wingman is often sought after by players. You'll need plenty of practice to make sure you hit your shots even at long ranges, but the Wingman has a very high skill ceiling.

The Quickdraw hop-up has been removed, but the in-built boost to hipfire accuracy in Season 10 can only improve what is already a great pistol.


To replace Quickdraw is the Boosted Loader which allows for faster reloads, if reloaded at the correct time like Deadeye's Tempo, you'll be granted more rounds in your mag.

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VK-47 Flatline

We love the Flatline at the moment, running it with the EVA-8 in a very Season 9 meta combo. It does less damage than the Spitfire per bullet, but you will have to reload, the Flatline's biggest boon is its rate of fire, which is much quicker than the Spitfire.

Triple Take (Care Package)

The Triple Take was moved to Care Packages in Season 9, as well as changing to the Marksman class. To be honest though, we preferred it last season.

There's something about the move to Marksman that hasn't gone well for the Triple Take. Yes, it has a better ADS speed, but something doesn't feel right, and we can't quite put our fingers on it. Perhaps it's the limited ammunition or the fact we just rarely see them in our matches these days.

The Triple Take is definitely still worth picking up, even if it's just because it acts like a pseudo-sniper at range and a pseudo-shotgun up close.

A flame-emblazoned L-Star LMG.
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The L-Star is the weapon to pick if you love embracing chaos. It's got a wild recoil pattern and its red glare of energy rounds take up your whole screen, making it nigh impossible to aim, although in close quarters it can be ridiculously powerful.

It's about to get a whole lot stronger with Season 10. Players will be able to use barrel stabilizers and extended energy mags, the mags will increase the amount of time until the L-Star will overheat.


The Hemlok has always been a fairly decent gun and when used by someone with quality aim, it can be a little overpowered. It's about to get a whole lot stronger as there's a new hop-up.

The Boosted Loader is a new hop-up that can be attached to the Hemlok and Wingman. Offering faster reload speeds as well as extra rounds if reloaded at the right time (like Deadeye's Tempo).

B Tier: Not Great, Not Terrible

These weapons have some versatility in certain situations but are worth swapping out if you see any of the better choices lying around.

EVA-8 Shotgun

The EVA-8 was originally higher on this list but with Season 10 it will be getting a nerf, when a bolt is equipped the fire right is penalised. We still expect the EVA to be fairly strong, just not as powerful as before.

The benefit of the EVA-8 is that you don't need to aim down sights, its hip-fire spread is about the same as when you ADS, meaning your mobility won't be impaired.


Prowler PDW

The Prowler became a ridiculously strong weapon once placed into Care Packages. It's not back to ground loot and though it's a favourite of some players, overall it's not that common with the community.

We liked putting it on full-auto and spraying until the Champions screen appears, but in Season 10 the Prowler will be burst-fire only, which could severely limit its usefulness.


The Devotion has the fastest fire rate in the game - and seriously, it beams when it gets up to full speed. However, it really needs a Turbocharger to reach its full potential.

The Devotion also eats ammunition. With a gold magazine equipped, however, it can take down opponents in the blink of an eye.

Charge Rifle

The Charge Rifle is the only hitscan weapon in Apex Legends, meaning you don't have to take bullet drop or enemy movement into account when aiming. It fires a beam of energy at opponents, before exploding into a high-damaging shot that can instantly destroy a shield, even if fully levelled up.

The Charge Rifle uses two sniper ammos for every shot, so make sure you have plenty to hand.

The move to Evo Shields across all game modes has taken the Charge Rifle up a few places - it'is perfect for getting big damage in the early stages of a game and leveling up that shield!



The first post-launch addition to Apex Legends’ arsenal, the Havoc is a beast, especially after a serious buff in Season 4. The Havoc has a firing rate so high it can shred shields in an instant, but multiple increases to the horizontal recoil have taken their toll.

It’s an assault rifle that packs an accurate punch, although the charge time can be an irritant. If you can manage the recoil, this has the potential to be a serious threat.

A red G7 Scout rifle with dragon detailing shown against a desert background.
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G7 Scout


A single-shot weapon that’s surprisingly decent even at close range, the G7 is crying out for a scope to get the best out of it. Luckily, since its reclassification as an Marksman Rifle, these are much easier to come by.

The rate of fire is decent, but the only real limit is how fast your firing finger is! Great for poking around corners and getting incremental damage, the G7 is best in class for mid-range Marksman fights.


The Longbow DMR has long been a consistent performer in the Apex games, but its lack of damage hurts. Not as powerful as a full-blooded sniper rifle, it is more forgiving - aim for the head, and follow up with whatever you can hit.

It's the best ground loot (traditional) sniper in Apex Legends, but that's not saying much.

C Tier

Rampart draws the string on the Bocek Bow.
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Bocek Bow


The Bocek Bow was meant to be powerful, and it is. Originally doing 70 damage, it has already been knocked down to 60 damage, with its charge-up time increasing from .54 seconds to .56 seconds. Even with a few other nerfs, the Bocek is still a decent weapon when in the hands of a skilled player, dominating both battle royale and Arenas.

It is almost silent, and packs quite the punch, especially when combined with Shatter Caps and Deadeye's Tempo hop-ups, which it can attach at the same time.


One of the weapons added as part of Season 4, the Sentinel rewards skilled players handsomely. Its bolt-loaded mechanism means you’ll need to line up your shots, but it could be an alternative if you can’t find yourself the Longbow. Manage the immense recoil and you could be rewarded.

A Season 6 change meant that if you're wearing Gold Armor, you will only need one Shield Cell to charge the Sentinel to its souped-up mode, but this is too situational to be considered a large buff. Similarly, Season 9's addition of Deadeye's Tempo hop-up makes no difference to the sniper's utility.

30-30 Repeater

The 30-30 is a Marksman Rifle that has never really lived up to its full potential. Yes, each bullet is loaded individually which helps when you not just a couple of extra shots. Yes, you get a 35% damage boost if you charge your shot by aiming down the sights. However, it's still just a bit underwhelming.

The G7 Scout's usefulness comes from its quick rate of fire, which you just can't replicate if you're charging your 30-30 shots. The Shatter Caps hop-up doesn't do a lot to improve the Repeater at close range, either.

The 30-30 Repeater is a jack of all trades and master of none, and ends outclassed by other weapons which excel in their repsective niches.

D Tier: Don’t Even Bother

Come on, really?

The Mozambique pistol shown against a desert background.
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A weapon that’s become a meme now, Mozambique is a shotgun that doesn’t spread enough and a pistol that isn’t accurate enough.

As of Season 9, the Mozambique has six rounds and is fully automatic, which does improve things somewhat. A headshot can still do decent damage, and it's the sensible choice of secondary weapon in Arenas matches, considering it doesn't cost you anything to pick up.

The Mozambique is better than it was, but it remains near the bottom of the pile.



The RE-45 just isn't great. It's got a rapid rate of fire, but each round does so little damage that it's hard to make it count.

We've found a little utility in picking it as a capable secondary weapon in Arenas matches - an R-99 without the extortionate price tag - but it's rarely worth picking up in battle royale matches.


The most vanilla of pistols, the P2020 just isn’t that exciting. A buff to its damage in Season 6 doesn't help it at all.

That's all for our list of Apex Legends' best guns. We'll keep this updated when new buffs, nerfs, and patches are released, but until then pick something that you enjoy playing with and hit the hot drops.