Apex Legends: How To Get Faster Loading Times

Apex Legends Season 6 Caustic. Caustic is in his classic yellow outfit while holding his heirloom hammer toward the left side of the image.

Apex Legends Season 6 Caustic. Caustic is in his classic yellow outfit while holding his heirloom hammer toward the left side of the image.

Apex Legends is an online battle royale game and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down at the moment. Being eager to get into the game and start battling with other squads can be dampened by slow loading times. There are a few reasons why you may be experiencing this issue. We're here to show you how to get faster loading times.

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How To Get Faster Loading Times

We've listed 3 of the main ways that you can get faster loading times, including the reasons why you might be having this problem.

Check Your Internet Connection

Your slow loading times could be due to a poor internet connection. Apex Legends is an online Battle Royale which means it needs a strong and stable internet connection to work properly. If your experience long loading times, make sure to check your internet speed and connection to your device. A tell-tale sign that your internet might be too weak for the game is that your character freezes during matches or other players look as if they are glitching. If you find that the speeds are slow then disconnect the device from the internet and re-connect it after waiting for a minute. However, if this doesn't improve anything, then it could be worth taking a deeper look into your internet connection or contacting your service provider.

Are You in a Quiet Area/Time?

If you are trying to enter a match during a quieter time (such as the middle of a weekday) or you are trying to join a low population server, that could be the problem. The game will continuously load while it searches for other players to fill the lobby. If there aren't enough players, the game will keep searching until the basic numbers have been filled.

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Check the Server Status

There may be times that the issue isn't anything to do with you as the servers could be down or experiencing problems. This issue is a common one at the launch of a new season or during the start of a mid-season event. You can use this website to check the current status of the Apex servers. The website will tell you if the servers are working in your area and it shows you if they are running slowly. If your server is shown to be "slow" then it's likely that your loading times will be too. In this instance, the fastest way to get a quicker loading time is to leave the server and monitor the status until it is marked as "running" again. Also, if the servers completely crash, you will be thrown back to the main screen and will not be able to enter the game until it has been fixed.

Loading times are an inevitable, albeit frustrating, part of playing an online game such as Apex Legends. However, once you get around them, you can get back to dominating the battlefield. Take a look at our guide on how to level up the battle pass quickly to earn more rewards. Also, if you want to customise your Legend, take a look at our guide on how to get skins.

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