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Apex Legends Season 7: How To Level Up Battle Pass Fast


Apex Legends Season 7 is coming to a close and with that will come the end of the current battle pass.


If you've been playing regularly you're probably mostly through the battle pass and want to make it to the last level.

That Revolutionary R-99 skin at 110 is gorgeous, why wouldn't you want to own it?

Check below to find out how to level up your battle pass as quickly as possible!

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How To Level Up Battle Pass Fast

Stay Alive

Technically the number one thing to do to earn XP will be to make it to the end of the game.

The closer to the top spot you are the better you'll be rewarded.


Now some players choose to play it safe and "hide", but that's no fun!

Basically, if you aren't too confident you'll survive a fight, don't engage.

Don't be afraid to retreat if you think the end is nigh during a battle.

Play Together, Stay Together and Slay Together

Another simple but super effective way of gaining more XP is playing with friends.

Playing with one friend will give you a 5% XP bonus to time survived.

If you add another friend to the mix, all three of you will earn double that with a 10% XP bonus to time survived.

Complete Challenges

Certain challenges will actually reward you with an entire Battle Pass level!


Most of them are pretty manageable and you might even complete them without realising.

Others may reward you with stars, each star with go towards a Battle Pass level.

It's worth checking them each time you hop on the game.

Buy The Battle Pass Bundle

Of course, this isn't an option for everyone though for those that can it's viable.

The Battle Pass Bundle will start you at level 25 instead of 1.

That's 25 levels less for you to grind for.

Also, you get some pretty cool cosmetics too with the Bundle.

Experience Points Table

Below you can find a table showing how much XP each objective will reward you.

All XP earned in a game will go towards your Battle Pass.

Objective XP Rewarded
Win a Match900 XP
Top 5 Finish300 XP
Time Survived3 XP per second survived
Kills50 XP per kill
Damage Done0.25 XP per 1 damage point
Revive Ally25 XP per revive
Respawn Ally200 XP per respawn
First Kill of the Day500 XP
Kill Champion Squad Members500 XP per kill of the champion squad
Kill the Kill Leader50 XP if you have been the kill leader in a match at any point
Champion Squad500 XP if you are the champion squad going into a match
Play with a Friend+5% XP bonus to Time Survived
Play with two Friends+10% XP bonus to Time Survived
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