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Apex Legends Season 10: How To Level Up Battle Pass Fast

Apex Legends Season 10 is here and we are so excited to dive in and grind out that battle pass, which will all be explained in the patch notes. Knowing how to level up the battle pass can be a bit of a gruelling experience, especially if you're not sure what to do. That's why we've put together a compilation of tips!

You can find out all the cosmetics and rewards you can earn in the Season 10 Battle Pass!

Here's how to level up your battle pass as quickly as possible:


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How To Level Up Battle Pass Fast

Stay Alive

Technically the number one way to earn XP is by making it to the end of the game. The closer you are to the top spot, the higher XP you'll get.

Some players will choose the safe route by hiding out until the end of the match. Although this can be effective, it's not much fun and you likely won't have high-level loot, which will be a disadvantage when going up against teams who have been winning fights.

Basically, if you aren't too confident you'll survive a fight, don't engage. Don't be afraid to retreat if you think the end is nigh during a battle.


Play Together, Stay Together and Slay Together

If you aren't playing in a premade squad then do so as much as possible, playing with a friend will give a 5% XP bonus to time survived. Add another pal to the mix and you'll all get a 10% XP bonus to time survived.

If you don't have people to play Apex Legends with, no worries, there are plenty of social platforms where you can group up with others, otherwise, try inviting players that you do well with.

Overall, solo queueing in Apex is often not a lot of fun and if you're trying to climb the ranked ladder then it can be awful. Plenty of other players don't want to work as a team and it's just not an enjoyable experience.

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Complete Challenges

There are two kinds of players, those that try to complete every challenge and check them after every game and those that don't pay attention to them at all.

If you're the latter then try to change things up, be sure to complete as many challenges as you can, some will reward you with an entire Battle Pass level! Others may reward you with stars, each star with go towards a Battle Pass level.

Chances are you'll probably complete some of the challenges without even realising.

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Buy The Battle Pass Bundle

Of course, this isn't an option for everyone though for those that can it's viable. The Battle Pass Bundle will start you at level 25 instead of 1. This means that you'll have 25 levels less to grind for and as a bonus, you get some cool cosmetics.


Buying Battle Pass Levels

As well as the above, you can actually buy Battle Pass levels, just a forewarning, this can quickly become expensive but if you can and want to do that then go ahead!

Each level will set you back 150 Apex Coins, you can buy up to 99 levels and this will cost 14,850 Apex Coins, roughly priced at $155 or £110. Once you get to level 100, you have to earn the last 10 levels by playing and gaining XP.

Experience Points Table

Below you can find a table showing how much XP each objective will reward you.

All XP earned in a game will go towards your Battle Pass.

Objective XP Rewarded
Win a Match900 XP
Top 5 Finish300 XP
Time Survived3 XP per second survived
Kills50 XP per kill
Damage Done0.25 XP per 1 damage point
Revive Ally25 XP per revive
Respawn Ally200 XP per respawn
First Kill of the Day500 XP
Kill Champion Squad Members500 XP per kill of the champion squad
Kill the Kill Leader50 XP if you have been the kill leader in a match at any point
Champion Squad500 XP if you are the champion squad going into a match
Play with a Friend+5% XP bonus to Time Survived
Play with two Friends+10% XP bonus to Time Survived

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