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Apex Legends Heirloom List: Wattson Heirloom Leaked

In Apex Legends, Heirlooms are hard-to-get items purchased with Heirloom Shards. Overall these weapons don't do any more damage than a normal melee hit, but they look a whole lot cooler. With Apex Legends Season 10 well underway and Season 11 around the corner, more heirlooms should be hitting our virtual shelves before we know it.

If you want a full rundown on how to actually get Heirloom Shards and to craft your first Heirloom, you can read our guide on Heirloom Shards in Apex Legends. Put simply, they are the most coveted cosmetics in the game, perfect for flexing in your Apex Legends ranked matches or waiting in the Arenas lobby.

Keep reading if you want to find out who has what Heirloom and even some concepts of what future ones may look like!

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Apex Legends Heirloom List: All Available Legend Heirlooms


Rampart Heirloom Set

Rampart finally got her heirloom in the Rampart Town Takeover and Evolution Collection Event, a pipe wrench called “Problem Solver”. While the name is no Sheila or Big Maude, a wrench that doubles as a bubblegum dispenser is great in our book.

  • Wrench In Your Plan Banner Pose
  • Problem Solver Melee Weapon Skin
  • "I make things by hand" Quip

Revenant Heirloom Set

Revenant's heirloom set was released during the Genesis Collection Event that ran in June of 2021.

It includes:

  • No Escape Banner Pose
  • Dead Man's Curve melee weapon skin
  • "You don't want to see this up close" Quip

Bangalore Heirloom Set

Bangalore's heirloom set was released during the Chaos Theory Collection Event that ran in March of 2021.

It includes:

  • No Gun, No Problem banner pose
  • Cold Steel melee weapon skin
  • "Hope you're not afraid to get your hands dirty" intro quip

Bloodhound Heirloom Set

Bloodhound’s heirloom set was originally unlockable during the Iron Crown event in 2019.

It includes:

  • Glory Hound banner pose
  • Raven’s Bite melee weapon skin
  • "I honor those who've risen, not those who've fallen" intro quip

Caustic Heirloom Set

Caustic’s heirloom set was released during the Aftermarket event.

It includes:

  • Hammer Time banner pose
  • Death Hammer melee weapon skin
  • "I look forward to getting my hands on you" intro quip

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Gibraltar Heirloom Set

Gibraltar's heirloom set was released during the Fight Night Collective Event.

It includes:

  • Like a Rock banner pose
  • War Club melee weapon skin
  • "When this is over, they'll all know the name 'Gibraltar'" intro quip

Lifeline Heirloom Set

Lifeline’s heirloom set was released during the Fight or Fright Halloween event.

It includes:

  • Shock Sticks banner pose
  • Shock Sticks melee weapon skin
  • "Check yo self - or wreck yo self (laugh)" intro quip

Mirage Heirloom Set

Mirage’s heirloom set was released during the Lost Treasures event.

It includes:

  • You Really Love Me banner pose
  • Too Much Witt melee weapon skin
  • "Excited to see you all in the ring. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of ‘mes’ to go around" intro quip

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Octane Heirloom Set

Octane’s heirloom set was released during the System Override collection event.

It includes:

  • Spin and Flick banner pose
  • Butterfly Knife melee weapon skin
  • "Run fast. Hit fast. Win fast" intro quip

Pathfinder Heirloom Set

Pathfinder’s heirloom set was released during the special Holo-Day Bash event.

It includes:

  • Lights Out banner pose
  • Boxing Gloves melee weapon skin
  • "Did you see how great I was? I did all kinds of really amazing moves... are you listening?" kill quip

Wraith Heirloom Set

Wraith’s heirloom set has been part of the game since its launch.

It includes:

  • Fearless banner pose
  • Kunai melee weapon skin
  • "You know what I look like - come find me" intro quip

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Who Will Get the Next Apex Legends Heirloom?

It looks like the next heirloom will be Wattson's, although we'll have to wait until Apex Legends Season 11 to see it. You can check out the leaks below.

Which Legends Don’t Have an Heirloom Yet?

So far the following legends do not currently have an heirloom, they could be next. We've listed them in order of the season the legend was released as usually those who are more recent will have to wait a while to receive an heirloom:

  • Wattson
  • Crypto
  • Loba
  • Horizon
  • Fuse
  • Valkyrie
  • Seer

According to rumours within the community Rampart will be up next for an heirloom, next, Wattson who is definitely deserving at this point, possibly followed by Loba.

Apex Legends Heirloom List: Leaked Heirlooms

With many Legends still without an heirloom, fans are always on the lookout for whatever hints they can get as to what their favorite character's heirloom will be.

Leaked Wattson Heirloom

Wattson's heirloom appeared in the files at the same time that Rampart's was added to the game, so there's something for two of the most under-used Legends. The melee weapon appears to be some sort of taser, and although no skins are in the files yet, dataminers believe that it will have a Nessy tamagotchi on the little screen.

Crypto Heirloom Optic

Crypto's heirloom is apparently already in the Apex Legends files, previously many players believed this leak was unlikely to be true or wouldn't be coming any time soon as they thought Revenant would be next up for an heirloom, and they were right!

However, this could also be an heirloom-rarity hop-up - Rampart's Special - which is on the way during her Town Takeover event.


Future Heirloom Concepts


As for the legends currently without an heirloom, they include Wattson, Crypto, Loba, Rampart, Horizon and Valk.

Many community members have discussed what they would like to see come next season and what heirloom would suit each legend best.

One Redditor in particular '-Alfa-' has posted multiple rendered and animated Heirloom concepts and they are mind-blowing, check them out below.


This is one of the most genius and clean concepts so far for Wattson, a fencing sabre, tribute to her voice lines mentioning fencing. Aside from the voice lines fencing was also heavily engrained into French history. Of course, the sabre is electrified, just as our engineering queen deserves.


Although this Heirloom seems fairly similar to the above at first glance, it actually has brilliant attention to detail. The blade's base resembles a similar silhouette as Crypto's drone. It could be even cooler with some sort of green coding encorporated in some way!


According to Biast12, Crypto's Heirloom is called a Jikdo, a sword that resembles a Katana otherwise known as a Samurai sword. Funnily enough the above concept looks like a modernised version of this sword and could be a perfect fit!



Next up our favourite Apex Mum, what's better than a black hole powered switch-blade? Nothing. A brilliant concept for Horizon, subtle yet effective!



After searching up the handle shown at the end of the above clip, we discovered the user's YouTube! Here we found a Valk concept that is jaw-dropping!


That's everything we know about all the Apex Legends heirlooms so far, but check back for new information, as we'll update this guide as soon as we hear anything else.