How to Pre Register for the Apex Legends Mobile Beta

Respawn Entertainment has started taking pre-registrations for their upcoming Apex Legends mobile port.

The beta will be tested regionally, with India and the Phillepeans currently in testing right now.

Testing will begin with small portions of Apex Legends mobile on Android devices and eventually branch to include more content and iOS support.

The Apex Legends Mobile beta will continue to roll out to different countries throughout 2021, with 5 more countries available to pre-register now.

Pre-Register for the Apex Legends Mobile Beta Now

While there is no hard date, Respawn has confirmed that the Apex Legends Mobile Closed Beta will be coming to Peru, Colombia, Egypt, and Lebanon in the next few weeks.

Android users in those regions can head over to the Apex Legends Mobile listing in Google play to register.

Once the beta becomes available, it will then automatically install on their mobile device.

It is a simple and effective way to sign up for the beta, with no forms to fill out or emails to watch for.

Apex Legends players in other regions can keep an eye out for new beta tests by following @playapex on Twitter.

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Apex Legends Mobile

Respawn is developing Apex Legends Mobile as an entirely new version of the game, streamlined for touchscreens.

It is still Apex Legends, just smaller.

While Respawn has a dedicated team to work on the mobile port of the popular battle royale game, the regular Apex Legends team has been kept in the loop throughout the entire development cycle.

Apex Legends is a bit late to the game, with many other popular battle royale games already on mobile.

Respawn has taken its time to make sure Apex Legends Mobile is not just a simple port but an entirely fresh and interesting way for mobile users to play the game.

With Apex Legends recently hitting the Nintendo Switch, it will be interesting to see how the new features for Nintendo's hybrid device make it into the mobile version of the game.

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