Apex Legends Players Politely Ask Teammates Not to Quit When Knocked Down

Promo art for Apex Legends.
Credit: Image via MobyGames.

Promo art for Apex Legends.
Credit: Image via MobyGames.

For everyone outside of the uber-skilled elite, dying is a natural part of any online shooter or battle royale game.

You get shot or stabbed or utterly humiliated, then you respawn and carry on as if nothing happened. It’s the circle of life and it moves us all.

However, some Apex Legends players on Reddit have grown tired of their teammates refusing to honour this cycle and quitting immediately after being knocked down, before they’ve even had a chance to be brought back into the game.

Apex Legends Players Ask Teammates Not to Quit

Posting on Reddit user GoTeamScotch cited a meme encouraging players to either wait or uncheck the ‘fill teammates’ box so that they can leave without interrupting other people's games, adding: “Some of us aren't garbage at the game, I swear!”

A multitude of users responded, sharing their experiences with players leaving prematurely, or their reasons for occasionally doing so themselves.

For example, user friedstinkytofu recounted a game which ended in a two on three final fight that their team lost because one player had left after being knocked down, leaving their team unable to heal them, despite having the opportunity to do so.

User Fateweaver_9 shared a slightly different tale, in which they died, but stayed online and were able to help their team win by using their microphone to communicate possible locations of the remaining enemies, much to the surprise of their teammates, who thought they would have already left.

“We ended up winning that match, but that realization was pretty sad”, they summarised at the conclusion of the story.

Other users shared acceptable circumstances for quitting early, such as NathanEmory, who said: “the only time I quit early is if my team left the area immediately after landing or if I get a toxic teammate that just annoys the crap outta me”.

On the other hand, user nevadita speculated as to the root cause of the problem, citing some players’ reluctance to pick up banners in favour of taking on unwinnable fights themselves and saying: “Nobody wants to sit watching someone unrealistically fighting 3 squads instead of picking the banners and retreat to rez”.

Another user shared their concern that players probably shouldn’t untick the ‘fill teammates’ box, as it could increase their queue times to get into sessions, however, other players responded suggesting that unchecking the box had no such effect for them.

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