Apex Legends’ Hardened Veterans Discuss Still Making Silly Mistakes

A screenshot from Apex Legends.

A screenshot from Apex Legends.

When they’re not contemplating going on strike because of issues with the game or logging off to have wholesome real-life meetups, Apex Legends players generally spend a lot of their time trying to get better at the game.

Sadly, it would seem that no matter how much muscle memory you build up or how many end zones you master the timing of, a skilled Apex veteran can still make a silly mistake that leaves them banging their keyboard or controller in frustration.

This is exactly what happened to the subject of a recent Reddit thread, whose unfortunate plummet out of contention sparked some conversation.

Apex Players’ Highly Honed Skills Sometimes Go Missing

Posting to begin this thread in the Apex Legends subreddit, user not-trump-ok shared the clip of them accidentally jumping over the edge of a walkway in an attempt to get a good shot in on an enemy team member, captioning it: “this is what 5000 hours on Apex looks like.”

The responses to this post saw a number of other players admit to enduring the same brain farts, with user LetsGetHIvern saying: “me on my 10,000th game on Olympus knowing damn well the gap is there” and SomeUnspokenGirl adding “can relate.”

Some did so via a bit of light sarcasm, with user ThaiJohnnyDepp saying: “spoiler: nothing good was that way” and DoctorJordi_ adding: “damn you should sign up to be a pro.”

Others tried to offer explanations or excuses as to why the mistake happened, with user wogolfatthefool suggesting: “gaming chair was slightly out of alignment”, causing BranislavBGD to respond: “it was that one squeaky wheel on it that caused his untimely demise.”

User MantisR had an alternative suggestion, saying: “that Wraith must have had 5001 hours (in the game)”

Others alleged that falling down gaps is actually what makes a great Apex player, with user The-Fumbler declaring: “You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.”

Regardless of whether or not you’ve achieved peak Apex performance, make sure to follow us for more updates on Apex Legends Season 13, which kicked off in May.

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