Apex Legends Players Consider Going On Strike in Protest of Issues

A screenshot from Apex Legends' Awakening trailer.
Credit: EA

A screenshot from Apex Legends' Awakening trailer.
Credit: EA

Despite some wholesome bright spots occasionally popping up involving Apex Legends players recently, a vocal section of the hero shooter’s community seemingly hasn’t been having a good time.

When they’re not arguing over whether new skins added in the Awakening event look goofy or not, many of these people are posting Reddit threads highlighting fresh issues that they feel are inhibiting their enjoyment of the game.

Sadly, it seems that a culmination of such problems has pushed some players to their breaking point, as another recent Reddit thread has illustrated.

Members of the Apex Community Demand Better Playing Conditions

Posting to begin this thread in the Apex Legends subreddit, user LaughingPrince asked whether other players would consider not playing the game on a specific day in order to send a message to EA and Respawn, citing a range of issues including: “Xbox input lag, audio issues, not being able to log in, hit regs, invincible Wraith and Loba’s bracelet not working” as justification for the action.

Responses to this request varied wildly, but some players seemed at least willing to entertain the idea of logging out for a bit, with user Dear-Gas-3715 admitting: “NGL I'm just finishing my battle pass then I'm probably taking a long break” and dratseb adding: “I already stopped. Just wasn’t feeling it this season, I’ve gone back to TF2.”

User TheFlameKid even offered the proposed exodus a name, saying: “Honestly, I am in for a No Apex August or something like that”, while BlackestFlame suggested: “(we) may need to get some streamers on board but sure.”

On the other hand, some users laughed off the suggestion that any kind of strike would make a difference, with Zeflyn pointing out: “The active users on this subreddit represent such a tiny portion of the overall player base. It wouldn’t even be noticeable” and Webber-414 sarcastically added: “yeah, I’m sure the community is united enough to pull off something like this.”

At the same time, user Meerkat-Chungus outlined their argument in favour of at least giving direct action a go before dismissing it, saying: “I’d rather we remain optimistic and attempt to organise than start with the assumption that we can’t.”

Meanwhile, user scr00py_n00pers outlined their own simple solution, declaring: “stop giving EA money when the game's broken.”

Regardless of what your opinion is on the best approach for unhappy players to take, make sure to follow us for more updates on Season 13, which kicked off last month.

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