Apex Legends Players Divided on Whether Loba Skin Looks Cool or Not

A screenshot of the Loba Ultraman skin.

A screenshot of the Loba Ultraman skin.

How you look in Apex Legends is a bigger thing than it probably should be, with the forces of materialism having gained a strong presence on the battlefields of the hero shooter.

After all, how are players supposed to cultivate wholesome friendships if their peers aren’t constantly in awe of their latest flashy weapon or hero skin?

Sadly, it seems one recently added skin from the Awakening event has left Apex fashionistas unable to decide whether it’s fit for the purpose of impressing on the catwalk or if it’s actually a goofy crime against fashion.

Apex Players Debate Coolness of Ultraman-Inspired Outfit

Posting to begin a now locked thread in the Apex Legends subreddit, user Desperate_Drink_6893 shared an image of the skin in question, which is for Loba and is inspired by the amine Ultraman, captioning it: “this skin is so downright disgusting and goofy”.

Responses to this rather blunt condemnation varied wildly, with user Casper_Von_Ghoul declaring: “I think goofy fits, but disgusting not so much” and Ender12306 adding: “most people have no idea what the reference is and that might influence your opinion”.

However, it seems not even knowledge of the reference could save the skin from the criticism of some players, with user Trias84 declaring in response: “it's Ultraman. The skin is still (bad)” and sammygoons adding: “yeah the helmet (is) too much and the colours too”.

On the other hand, user ZOLTAN_15 said: “I don't get why people don't like this skin” and XeroEnergy270 also stated their love of the skin, saying: “I think it's dope, but I liked Ultraman as a kid, so…”

A screenshot of the now locked thread.
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A screenshot of the now locked thread.

User Katonica seemed to demonstrate the middle ground between these two extremes, musing: “It's a great skin design, absolutely fantastic in its references and character silhouette. It is, however, the funniest thing I've ever seen and I LOLed when I watched the trailer.”

Meanwhile, user Darkwing_Dork demonstrated their superior fashion sense by controversially stating: “I'll say something people might not like: the overwhelming majority of the skins in this game are disgusting so this isn't anything new.”

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of this particular Loba skin or think it might suit another Apex Legend better, make sure to follow us for more updates on Season 13, which kicked off last month.

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