Valorant Patch 5.03 - Release date, Patch notes, and more

Banner for Valorant patch 5.03

Banner for Valorant patch 5.03

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Valorant's newest patch is right around the corner! Like clockwork, Riot brings a solid update to their game. We even have the official Valorant Patch 5.03 patch notes.

This patch brings some visual updates to the game, some much needed agent buffs and nerfs, as well as some bug fixes. The agent changes are really targeted at one specific agent, but some ultimates have been tweaked as well.

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When does Valorant Patch 5.03 release?

Valorant Patch 5.03 releases on August 9, 2022. This was confirmed by the Valorant Twitter account.

Here are the times that your region will get the patch on client.

  • 6 am PST
  • 9 am EST
  • 1 pm GMT
  • 2 pm BST

Once this time hits, you should see your client have a patch to download and install. Once this is complete, players should have access to the new patch.

Valorant Patch 5.03 highlights
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Valorant 5.03 patch notes

Valorant 5.03 patch notes

General updates

  • Updated engine to Unreal Engine 4.26
  • Agent browser visual design refresh

Agent Changes


  • Rendezvous (E)
    • Base Cooldown increased 20s >>> 30s
    • Recall Cooldown increased 20s >>> 30s
    • Cooldown set to 45s whenever a Rendezvous anchor is destroyed
    • Diameter size of the “ring” Chamber can stand that allows him to activate Rendezvous decreased 21m >>> 15m
  • Trademark (C)
    • Slow Duration decreased 9.5 >>> 6s
  • Tour De Force (X)
    • Ultimate Points Required increased 7 >>> 8
    • Slow Duration decreased 9.5 >>> 6s
  • Headhunter (Q)
    • Bullet Cost increased 100 >>> 150



  • Overdrive
    • Damage per shot reduced 22 >>> 18
    • Killzone increased 15m >>> 20m
    • Leg shot multiplier reduced 1.0 >>> 0.85
    • Headshot multiplier increased 1 >>> 3


  • Tour De Force (X)
    • Leg shot multiplier reduced 1.0 >>> 0.85


  • Bladestorm (X)
    • Leg shot multiplier reduced 1.0 >>> 0.85

Gameplay updates

  • Added ability to change “Ghost” keybind outside of Custom Games
    • This option is listed under Settings >> Controls >> Actions

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with Jett’s Tailwind where switching weapons in the middle of the dash would cause the weapon pull out animation to take longer than desired.

Gameplay Systems

  • Fixed a bug where some Reyna/Killjoy HUD elements were still visible after enabling Hide User Interface.
  • Fixed a bug where defuse animation wouldn’t consistently play if the orb is tapped in rapid succession.

Known Issues

  • Changing crosshair opacity settings in-game causes crosshair preview visual to flicker
  • Spike Announcements UI displaying incorrectly

WIth these patch notes, there's a couple things to keep in mind. First off, with the Unreal engine update, there is some noted UI issues, mostly on the main menu. The team is aware of the issues and are working to fix them quickly. If you encounter any major issues, be sure to file a bug report.

For the agent changes, Chamber recieves a major nerf here. He was definitely one of the strongest agents in the game, and while he's a little bit weaker now, he should be more in line with other agents.

As for the ultimate changes, the goal here was to make it such that the ultimates followed the same regional damage structure as the weapons. THis means that they will do different damage values for head and limb damage.

And that's all that we have for you! Most likely by the time you're reading this, the patch will be live, so be sure to go and upate your client! While you're here, be sure to check out some of our other Valorant guides, like how to unlock new agents and skins. If you're a fan of other Riot games, be sure to check out what's going on in the newest League of Legends patch.

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