Valorant: How To Unlock New Skins

Agents Phoenix, Breach, and Jett with Spectrum Phantom skins in Valorant.

Agents Phoenix, Breach, and Jett with Spectrum Phantom skins in Valorant.

Valorant is one of the leading games when it comes to competitive shooters, and has become an incredibly popular esport title since its debut in 2020. Created by Riot Games', the tactical shooter has broken onto the scene with no signs of slowing down in popularity. With a dedicated player base that keeps on growing, many players want to customise their favourite weapons with skins, but how can they do it?

In this guide, we explain how to unlock new skins in Valorant and customise your weapons.

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How To Unlock Valorant Skins

There are a couple of ways to get your hands on new weapon skins in Valorant. Here they are:

In-Game Store

Players can acquire new skins from the in-game store using Valorant Points. VP can only be accessed using real-life currency, and can also be bought in-game using a card or PayPal.

Valorant's in-game store also has two sections: the featured collection, and then a rotating set of offers on weapon skins. The featured collection will typically be a bundle of weapons that resets every 5-12 days, while the offers will reset every 24 hours.

Technically, buying a featured collection bundle of weapon skins is much cheaper than buying each weapon skin individually. So, this is something to keep in mind before opening your wallet. That being said, if you change your mind, Valorant will refund players for any unused content that has been purchased within the last seven days. You can open a ticket for a refund here.

The Prism featured collection of weapon skins in Valorant.
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Battle Pass

By purchasing the Battle Pass available during each Act in Valorant, players can earn new weapon skins, as well as other rewards. These rewards include the likes of buddies, cards, titles, and sprays, as well as new skins. The Battle Pass has 50 Tiers featuring individual rewards, and extra rewards for every five tiers completed.

Agent Contracts

By completing Agent contracts in Valorant, you can also earn new weapon skins that are personal to that character. These tend to be pistol and melee skins. This is the biggest grind of them all, with weapon skins typically being in the final tier of a contract, which takes 975,000 XP to reach.

How To Customise Valorant Skins Using Radianite Points

Valorant introduced Radianite Points as a secondary form of in-game currency that can be used to customise and evolve weapon skins you already own. Skin customisation works in levels, with Level 1 being the skin itself, and further levels typically being firing animations, visual effects, and unique finishers.

Radianite Points can typically be acquired from the Battle Pass, but they can also be purchased in store too if you have the additional money to spend. To customise a weapon, select it and equip the skin you wish to customise. From here, you can then hover over the animations or alternative colours available for the weapon, and select them to purchase using your Radianite Points.

That's all there is to know about customising your favourite Valorant weapons with skins and Radianite Points! Check out whether we think the Battle Pass is actually worth it here, and whether you should be using the Phantom or Vandal during your matches.

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