Valorant: How Radianite Points Work

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Radianite points are, essentially, a currency used to purchase premium content and level up weapon skins in Valorant.

How Do You Get Radianite Points?

Players can either unlock Radianite Points through the battle pass, or they can outright purchase points through the in-game store.



What Can You Spend Radianite Points On?

Although Radianite Points can’t be used to buy agents or tier levels, they can upgrade skins, as well as purchase lots of other content, such as animations and visual effects.


"VALORANT is introducing Radianite Points as a way to evolve certain weapon skins. The first level is unlocked when you get the skin. You can then use Radianite Points to unlock each additional level, featuring customizations like new visual effects, audio, animations, unique finishers, and variants.

The primary way to earn Radianite Points is via the battle pass, but you can acquire more in the store".