Is the Valorant Battle Pass Worth It?

Valorant has only been around since June 2020 and the game is already immensely popular with gamers. While the hero shooter was seen as a dead genre at one point, the fact that this game has managed to defy those expectations and make a name for itself is plenty impressive. Granted, it’s not a perfect game - what free-to-play shooter is? - but there are enough positives surrounding it that PC players should give it a chance.

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Is the Valorant Battle Pass Worth It?

With Valorant Episode 2 Act 2 coming out soon, many fans are looking forward to getting the Battle Pass so they can get extra Valorant Points and maybe an exclusive skin or two. That being said, there are fans wondering if a Battle Pass for the shooter is worth the money. In all honesty, that depends on how much you like the game, but if you’re already dedicated to the free-to-play shooter then yes.

Getting the Battle Pass ensures that you’ll have a more complete experience when playing, giving the players more Valorant Points when competing in matches, more fulfilling challenges in the Daily and Weekly variety, along with some exclusive rewards. If players have been going on without a Battle Pass and decide to get one, they will get previous rewards from the tier levels they already passed.

Should you get the Battle Pass if you just started playing Valorant? Well, it’s a free game so try it out first and see if the shooting is to your liking. If it’s not this game, there are other free-to-play shooters for you to try but Valorant has a pretty good chance of winning you over, especially with those stunning character designs.

Valorant is a free-to-play game that is currently exclusive to PC. If you’re on the fence, you don’t really lose anything by giving this shooter a chance. After playing a few games, that’s when you decide if the Battle Pass is worth it.

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