08 Apr 2021 9:10 AM +00:00

Valorant: Best Settings To Use - Graphics, Audio, Bindings, Crosshairs And More!

Valorant is here, the long-awaited first-person team-based game is one of the most-watched games on Twitch of all time.

With nearly two million people watching over the last two days, in hopes to get the elusive drop for beta access.

If you were so lucky to get beta access, you are going to have to spend some time with the in-game settings. 


Tinkering these settings to best suit you is key, but some settings are going to be better no matter what kind of player you are! 

Let's take a look at the settings you need to change to better your performance in Valorant. 


The minimap is one of the most important components of the game, especially since the beta just released; knowing where you are relative to the map is key.

 You have the ability to do an ample amount of changes to your minimap, you can change the size of the map to however small or large you like.

Do not zoom the map into much, as it can play a massive role in how the round unfolds, and if you are in need of it; you do not want to not be able to see it!

We also recommend that you keep the map on "rotate", which is the default setting for Valorant. The minimap will move and rotate in the direction that you move in-game, which is a nice feature to have!




There are not many changes that you can make for the audio components of the game, if you feel as the game is to quiet and it can be hard to hear footsteps. We recommend adjusting the in-game volume settings just a bit!



There an ample amount of video settings that you are able to change, since Valorant is optimized for low hardware, you may not need to change much; as the game has been running fantastic for a lot of players.

Although, there are always ways to get some more FPS and improve game performance. Let's take a look at the video settings. 

  • V-Sync - Do not turn this feature on, it will not affect your game performance at all.
  • Gun Skin Visuals - If you want to appreciate the way your guns look in Valorant, you can keep this on. Otherwise, there is no point in keeping it on.
  • Anti-Aliasing - Default, this is turned off; but you can turn it on MSAA if you like!
  • Material, Texture and Detail Quality - Medium or Low are the best settings for now.
  • Show FPS - You should turn this on, either the graph or the ticker. Knowing how much FPS you are getting while playing is always key.
  • Shadows - Having this on higher settings does not give you an upper edge over the enemy. So, it does not matter which one you choose!
  • Distortion - We recommend you turn this off for now. 

The rest of the settings are solely up to you for now!