Valorant: How to Change Mouse Sensitivity Settings

Duelist Agent Jett with the Valorant logo in the background.

Duelist Agent Jett with the Valorant logo in the background.

Valorant requires players to be really aware of how they must use their mouse while playing the game; aim and acquiring headshots is incredibly important. With it being a tactical FPS title created by Riot Games, having the correct mouse sensitivity settings is really critical to explore the area and knock off enemies, which may lead your team to eventually winning the match.

So, keep reading to know how to change the mouse sensitivity settings in Valorant.

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How to Change Mouse Sensitivity Settings in Valorant

Look for the menu icon located in the top left corner of the main menu. Choose 'Settings', and a menu will appear containing mostly all the tabs to make your gaming experience more engaging.

Select the 'General' tab, and under that, you will find your sensitivity settings. Adjust them according to your preferences, and keep in mind how would it suit Valorant’s hip fire scheme and aiming down the scope. You can change these settings at any time — even during a match — so you can take time to determine which sensitivity is best for your play style.

Another way to adjust and determine your mouse sensitivity settings is by playig with different DPI's. With low DPI settings in place, you will need to put slightly more effort into the movement of your mouse. On the other hand, playing the game with a higher DPI setting (which could be above 800), will take you less effort to move and navigate your mouse.

How to Determine the Best Mouse Sensitivity Settings to Suit Your Style in Valorant

In order for you to determine the best mouse sensitivity settings for your Valorant gameplay, it will take you a handful of matches or some time practicing at the firing range to get things perfect.

If you go into Valorant's firing range, you can take an 'Accuracy Test'. How you perform on the test can help to determine whether the sensitivity of your mouse needs to increase or decrease. We recommend using a Vandal or Phantom to take this test and then trying to get as many headshots as possible. If you find that you're missing targets because your crosshair doesn't reach them in time after a wrist flick, you need to increase your sensitivity. If, on the other hand, your crosshair goes too far and past the target's head, you need to decrease your sensitivity.

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This article was updated on 18th November 2021 by Kelsey Raynor.

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