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Valorant: How to Change Mouse Sensitivity Settings

Valorant requires players to be really aware of how they must use their mouse while playing the game. With it being a tactical FPS title, having the proper mouse sensitivity settings is really important to explore the area and knock off enemies, which may lead your team to eventually winning the match.

So, keep reading to know how to change the mouse sensitivity settings in Valorant.

How to Change Mouse Sensitivity Settings in Valorant

Look for the menu icon located at the top left part of the main menu. Choose Settings, and a menu will appear containing mostly all the tabs to make your gaming experience more engaging.

Select the General tab and you will find there the sensitivity settings. Adjust it according to your preference, and if how would it suit Valorant’s hip fire scheme and aiming down the scope.

How to Determine the Best Mouse Sensitivity Settings to Suit Your Style in Valorant

In order for you to determine the best mouse sensitivity settings you can use in the game; it would take you a handful of games before you may do so.


One of the best ways to do it is by playing the game with low DPI settings. It will require you to put slightly more effort into your mouse cursor movement. While playing the game with a higher DPI setting which could be above 800 would take you less effort to move and navigate using your mouse.

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