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VALORANT: How To Make The Circle Crosshair?

This image shows the Elderflame Vandal with a circular crosshair.
Credit: Image via Riot Games

In just a year, VALORANT has become one of the most popular tactical shooter games of all time. Numerous pros have transitioned to Riot’s first-person shooter from other major titles like CS:GO, Rainbow Six: Siege, Overwatch, and so on.

While each game presents players with unique mechanics and features, the crosshair remains a common element in every FPS title. Having a proper crosshair can make all the difference in a competitive 5v5 game like VALORANT.

The customization features added by the developers in the recent patch update allows players to make the perfect crosshair of their choice. So, if you are wondering how to make the circle crosshair in VALORANT, then we have you covered.

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Here are all the details you need to make a circle crosshair in VALORANT.


VALORANT Crosshair Settings

Players will find numerous customization options in the Crosshair settings. Each set has a specific use and allows the player to always be in charge of the shots.


The new settings in VALORANT allow players to fully customize their crosshair in-game. This means players can now have a different reticle for HIP Fire and ADS. They can also equip the sight for Sniper Rifles by customizing the crosshair.

You can now save up to ten different crosshair profiles in VALORANT. Thus, players can change the crosshair in-game if a profile is saved beforehand.

How To Make A Circular VALORANT Crosshair?

The Circle crosshair has become quite popular in VALORANT over the last few updates. Experts like Shroud, Ethos and several Radiant players prefer the circle crosshair over the traditional four-reticle design.


So how do you make a circle crosshair in VALORANT? It is relatively simple if players know all the crosshair settings thoroughly.

Firstly, head to the crosshair settings and switch off outlines. After this players will need to adjust the Inner Lines of the crosshair.

Switch on the "show Inner Lines" option, and head to the settings.

The following Inner Line settings will give players the circle crosshair in VALORANT:

  • Inner Line Opacity - 1
  • Inner Line Length - 1
  • Inner Line Thickness - 3
  • Inner Line Offset - 1

Once this is done, players can head to the Center Dot settings. If you want a solid circle crosshair, then switch on the Center Dot and increase its size to fill the cavity. Similarly, if players want a hollow circle crosshair, then simply switch off the Center Dot.

According to experts, adding a minor firing error to the circle crosshair makes it easier to control a weapon's recoil. Essentially, the reticles of the circular crosshair will show a slight gap during recoil. This method is exceedingly clever to control a gun's recoil pattern in VALORANT.

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Which Is The Best Colour For VALORANT Crosshair?

The ideal colour for a crosshair in VALORANT should primarily help with visibility. While its a personal preference, most players tend to choose colours which stand out across all six maps in VALORANT.

Tyson "TenZ" Ngo, one of the best VALORANT pros in the world, prefers Cyan over White or Green for his crosshair. Statistically, Cyan stands out most in comparison to map atmospheres and biomes. However, players are advised to change the enemy highlight colour to complement the crosshair colour.