VALORANT: Shroud Admits Skins Are Pay-To-Win

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In a recent live stream, popular streamer Shroud admitted that gun skins with effects and animation are pay-to-win in VALORANT.

Michael Shroud Grzesiek, one of the most prominent gamers of all time previously despised using skins in VALORANT. His theory was that skins are way too loud in the game, and can easily distract you from securing that kill.


Nevertheless, Shroud's chat tried their best to convince him for weeks that most skins in VALORANT are pay-to-win. Despite their efforts, the former Counter-Strike pro was convinced that it was otherwise.

However, in a recent stream Shroud apologized to his fans and admitted that they are right. Here's everything you need to know about Shroud labelling VALORANT skins as pay-to-win.

Are Skins Pay-To-Win In VALORANT?

In-game cosmetics like gun skins or weapon buddies are a major part of popular online games like VALORANT. Most players spend a massive amount of money just to get these spectacular skins in-game.

On the surface, skins offer no tactical advantage whatsoever, and that's the ideal scenario for any competitive FPS shooter. However, a major section of the community believes that VALORANT gun skins with effects and animations are pay-to-win.

Although not every skin can be classified as pay-to-win, the most expensive one's definitely fit the bill.


Shroud's Theory About Loud Skins

Earlier, Shroud mentioned on stream that the loudest skins in VALORANT create unnecessary noise. Loud noises and animation effects inevitably distract a player, and this is why Shroud didn't use flashy skins before.

Shroud's skin collection in VALORANT consists of every popular skin released to date. He owns them all but rarely uses them in-game.

After his recent change of heart, Shroud started apologizing to his fans and admitted that they were right about skins all along.

He said, "I've used skins without effects for a little bit now, and you know what, I think you guys are right. Skins are pay-to-win."

Shroud highlighted that the loudest skin collections like Elderflame, Origin, Ruination, Sentinels Of Light, Glitchpop gives an advantage over default skins.

"You guys are absolutely right, I'm so sorry. I'm going to have all the loudest skins because that's pay-to-win."

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Skins To Use

Shroud used the following skins for all the weapons in VALORANT:

  • Classic - Forsaken
  • Shorty - Wasteland
  • Frenzy - Blastx
  • Ghost - Ruination
  • Sheriff - Reaver
  • Stinger - Sovereign
  • Spectre - Ruination
  • Bucky - Monarch
  • Judge - Dot Exe
  • Bulldog - Glitchpop
  • Guardian - Ruination
  • Phantom - Blastx
  • Vandal - Elderflame
  • Marshall - Magepunk
  • Operator - Elderflame
  • Ares - Minima
  • Odin - Blastx

He went on to prove his theory on stream in a few unranked matches using these gun skins. Shroud dominated the match with Skye and showed off a few trick flashes to use with the Agent.

Most of the kills he managed were with the Elderflame Vandal and Ruination Ghost. However, there was a moment where Shroud died to an enemy using a standard Spectre. This was surprising as Shroud was using the Vandal and the distance was around 15-20 meters.

Nevertheless, Shroud proved his point and showed how some of the loudest skins in VALORANT have a pay-to-win aspect.

Whether or not expensive skins are pay-to-win in VALORANT is for the community to judge, but one has to agree with Shroud's perspective about loud and flashy skins in-game.