Valorant: How To Change Text Color In Chat

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Duelist Agents, Phoenix and Jett, stood beside the Valorant logo.

Valorant, just like any other titles by developers Riot Games, allows players to communicate in-game through chat. Not only can players communicate with their own team and the enemy team using text chat, but they can customise text chat too. More specifically, players can customise the color of messages they send.

In this guide, we explain how you can change the text chat color in Valorant.


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How To Change The Text Color In Chat In Valorant

In order to change the text color in chat in Valorant, you need to use HTML codes.


Valorant Updates shared on Twitter the different codes that you can use to change the text color in chat. For example, if you want to change the chat text color to red, then you should type <enemy>Text</>. Just replace 'Text' with the message that you want to send!

Here is the complete list of codes corresponding to the color that you want to use:

  • Red: <enemy>Text</>
  • Blue: <team>Text</>
  • Yellow: <system>Text</> or <self>Text</>
  • Green: <notification>Text</>
  • Pink: <warning>Text</> or <whisper>Text</>

You may juggle the codes to try different colors in every game you play. The more color you use, the more colorful your gaming experience would be in terms of the chat feature in Valorant. Not everyone knows how to use this feature either, so it's a fun one to try to show off!

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This article was updated on 18th November 2021 by Kelsey Raynor.