Valorant players argue cheating is on the rise

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Those who enjoy playing a bit of Valorant generally have a lot of fun doing so, with the battle royale game offering tons of interesting matches and challenges for those who aim to master it.

However, much like their Apex Legends brethren, sometimes these players find themselves with a few grievances to air regarding the game that aren’t just based on radianite prices, skin gifting or accidentally being killed by Skye's dog.

Currently drawing the ire of some of the Valorant elite is an apparent rise in match terminations due to the presence of cheaters in ranked gameplay.

Valorant players think bad behaviour might be on the rise

Posting to begin a thread on this topic in the Valorant subreddit, user alexanderh24 asked: “Is anyone else getting way more ‘Cheater detected match terminated’ (notifications) and possible cheaters in ranked recently?”, before adding: “I’ve been playing since the beta, have well over 1k hours and have only seen one game be ‘terminated’. In the past 10 days, I've had three games cancelled because of it.”

Some fellow players suggested that they’d had similar experiences to this, with user Fersk93 saying: “I've been playing since beta as well, and I think I got the termination screen for the first time just recently.” and NoRecommendation9282 adding: “Well I’ve only been playing for about 10 days and just yesterday I got the red screen (saying) ‘match ended cheater detected’. I’m only level 20.”

On the other hand, some users seemed not to be having such issues, with jimlad45 revealing: “(I’ve) never had it once, (and have) played almost every day since beta.”, prompting alexanderh24 to reply: “Damn, I hope it's a coincidence, cause it gets inside my head thinking every good player is a cheater now.”

However, several more users did suggest that chatting is affecting a lot of games at the moment, with Andraka claiming that the presence of cheaters on their team often leads to the match being cancelled, but opposing cheaters, no matter how obvious their tactics, don’t result in as many terminations.

Meanwhile, user futtyking presented an alternative theory for the rise in match cancellations, saying: “Bro, it's not that there are more cheaters, it's because Riot did something to their systems to help catch these cheaters better. There have always been this many cheaters.”

On the other hand, user koshkamatew_yt argued: “(I’ve) never had (a match cancelled), and it is extremely rare. Valorant hackers get banned within hours.”

Regardless of whether you think cheating is becoming a problem in Valorant, make sure to follow us for more updates on the game’s Night Market and tips to help you win matches.

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