Valorant players believe radianite costs too much

An image of some guns in Valorant.

An image of some guns in Valorant.

Those who enjoy playing a bit of Valorant generally have a lot of fun doing so, with the battle royale game offering tons of interesting matches and challenges for those who aim to master it.

However, much like their Apex Legends brethren, sometimes these players find themselves being disappointed by something more serious than accidentally being killed by Skye's dog, with the game’s store being a source of regular unhappiness.

Currently drawing the ire of some of the Valorant elite is the game’s radianite, which many players have identified as being overpriced.

Are you paying a lot of big Valorant energy source bills?

Posting to begin a thread on this topic in the Valorant subreddit, user Mr-DiaMond_ simply declared: “radianite prices are way too high”, explaining: “Basically if you want to have all the weapons upgraded, the radianite cost you need to pay is even more than the whole bundle's price that you already paid to get the skins, without even considering variants. I think that at least 30-40 radianite points should be included into the bundle.”

The majority of the Valorant community responded to this agreeing with Mr-DiaMond_’s take, with user Alexandracrj saying: “Same here. I don’t understand why skins don’t come already ‘upgraded’ - it's way too much to pay imo”, while TQAFireHawk also echoed this view, adding: “it's ridiculous you have to use an additional resource in the first place to get the full benefits of your weapon which already costs a lot, but hey ho.”

On the other hand, user Mobile_Law suggested that they were having the opposite problem, saying: “me with 250 radianite and no skins to use them on”, to which ur_mom_6969420 replied: “I have 435 radianite and no skins.”

Meanwhile, some players took a less specific approach to diagnosing their Valorant store issues, with user Riyamu saying: “all the prices are too high, not only radianite” and Jaja3333 adding: “the skins are already super expensive, and even without radianite they’d be overpriced. Add on radianite and the prices become disgustingly ridiculous.”

Elsewhere in the thread, some other users suggested that they’d managed to gain enough radianite from the game’s battle pass not to have any issues with buying it.

This led Mr-DiaMond_ to return and add additional context to their original post, saying: “(I’ve) bought and completed every battle pass since episode one, chapter two and still (those) radianite points weren't enough. Lack of radianite (is) still a thing for me and also other people that buy premium bundles on a regular basis.”

Regardless of whether you’ve experienced any issues getting your hands on radianite or any other items, make sure to follow us for more updates on Valorant’s Night Market.

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