How Much Is the Valorant Battle Pass?

Agents Omen and Yoru in Valorant.

Agents Omen and Yoru in Valorant.

Valorant has been around for over a while now, and Riot Games' tactical shooter shows no signs of slowing down in terms of popularity and content. The team-based shooter is free to play, but there are many in game transactions to be made on weapon cosmetics and the Battle Pass for dedicated players.

In this guide, we explain how much the Battle Pass costs.

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How Much Is The Valorant Battle Pass?

Valorant consists of Episodes, which then consist of Acts. Each Act has a new Battle Pass that consists of 50 Tiers and lasts approximately 70 days, give or take.

To gain access to the Battle Pass for a specific Act, you will need to spend 1000 Valorant Points in game to unlock it. From this point onwards, you'll unlock new items – cards, titles, weapon skins, and buddies – for gaining XP and unlocking the next Tier in the Battle Pass.

1000 Valorant Points works out at round 10USD, and the points have to be bought in-game also. Whenever the specific Act you're on ends, you lose the opportunity to gain any of the rewards from that pass ever again, especially given that Valorant does not have a marketplace for players.

As for whether the Battle Pass is worth it, if you're playing the game a lot and earning plenty of XP, it undoubtedly is if you like to earn cosmetic good for your efforts. We talk more in depth about whether the Battle Pass is worth splashing the cash here.

It's worth noting that the Battle Pass does not give you an edge over any opponents, as all rewards are merely cosmetic, and you cannot unlock new Agents via the pass either. If you want to know how to unlock new Agents, check here.

So, there you have it. 1000 Valorant Points (or around $10) and the Battle Pass is all yours. Next, you just have to grind for XP to reap all of its rewards! To aid with this, check out how to get better at Valorant, as well as some other games like Valorant if you fancy a change of pace.

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