VALORANT: Leaks Suggest That Yoru Will Get A Clone Nearsight Ability Rework Soon

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A recent leak from VALORANT data miners has the community wondering about the new ability changes scheduled for Yoru in Episode 3 Act 2.

The rift walking Japanese duelist has the lowest pick rate in VALORANT and is considered non-viable according to most professional players.


Riot Games announced in the latest Patch Update 3.0 that they are indefinitely postponing all Yoru enhancements and changes. This came as a piece of sad news for the community who were looking forward to a set of comprehensive changes for this Agent.

Nevertheless, VALORANT data miner Shiick recently discovered a new game file that hints at a new ability rework for Yoru.

Yoru's Fakeout Ability

Yoru’s Fakeout (C) ability creates fake footsteps intended to confuse the enemy.

The major problem with Yoru's Fakeout is that it has a unique audio signature that is quite different from actual footsteps. While it is intended to mimic a footstep, the audio signature makes it ridiculously predictable in-game.

This was one of the reasons why the developers addressed Yoru's kit and decided to rework it for better viability.


Yoru, as a Duelist is unique and different from every other Agent in the category. While his flashes, footsteps and teleport may be unique, they do not have any damage capacity.

This makes Yoru a weak duelist in terms of high-damage utility compared to Jett or Raze. Similarly, Yoru doesn't have any ability to heal himself like Phoenix or Reyna.

Thus, the Agent is only viable for scouting at most. However, that is not how Riot intends to integrate Yoru in VALORANT. The original idea of a covert Duelist with flashy abilities is just not working for the community.

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Clone Nearsight Leak

In a recent Twitter post, @Shiick revealed that a new game file was added after the latest update. He discovered that a prototype for Yoru's Fakeout ability was added.


The name of this new game file is "Clone_Nearsight" and it gives us quite a bit of information to dissect.

Hence, this recent leak about a new ability promises a lot for Yoru fans. The data miner mentions that this new Fakeout ability might look similar to Mirage's clone from Apex Legends.

Similarly, others insinuated that this ability will function like Alibi's abilities from Rainbow Siege Six. Essentially, it would work like a Sova dart or Cypher trap. It will either reveal the enemies location or trap and nearsights them.

Although there is no official confirmation regarding this leak, fans believe that this ability will be added after Episode 3 Act 2.

Dev Announcement

VALORANT character producer John Goscicki recently mentioned the following in the Patch Notes 3.03 update:


“Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the team is going to have to indefinitely delay the Yoru updates...We’re in a situation at the moment where certain resources needed to do this work are unavailable to us. As soon as we get a clearer picture of when we can ship these changes, you’ll be the first to know. Sincere apologies to everyone who has been looking forward to these.”

This came as a setback for the community, and the latest leaks have opened the discussion again. Currently, the next Act for VALORANT has been postponed till 9th September 2021.

Thus, only time will tell if fans will get to see these changes by the next update.