VALORANT: Yoru Rework Suggested By Community Experts Would Buff The Weakest Duelist

VALORANT community members are looking forward to a massive rework for Yoru, who has been the weakest Duelist in the game for quite a while. A recent discussion sparked on Reddit which shed light on how Riot Games can go about this major rework for the Japanese Agent.

Yoru, who has been neglected ever since his introduction in the game, is considered the worst Agent in VALORANT. He is undoubtedly the weakest Duelist in the game, as none of his abilities has any form of damage capacity.

Riot Games announced in Patch Update 3.0 that they are indefinitely postponing all Yoru enhancements and changes. This came as a piece of sad news for the community who were looking forward to a set of comprehensive changes for this Agent.

Nevertheless, the VALORANT community is still hopeful that the developers will do justice to this amazing duelist.

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VALORANT - Community Suggested Yoru Buff

The rift-walking Japanese Duelist has the lowest pick rate in competitive VALORANT. Most professional players consider Yoru to be a non-viable agent, even with all his outplay abilities.

Nevertheless, the stylish Agent is quite popular and does pose a considerable threat with his teleportation abilities. In a recent Reddit post, u/Healthy-AD highlighted some of the most important factors that Riot need to focus on for Yoru's rework.

Thought I'd put out my proposal here to the VALORANT community to see if it gains any traction and maybe spark some more discussion. Yoru's duelist kit was intended by the devs to be creative and deceptive in ways that you get the upper hand with surprising angles on early engagements. Since his release, it's apparent his footsteps are near useless and that the TP is loud and predictable and isn't viable except as a safety relocate tool (which Jett does better) or quick rotate option. Yes, Yoru can pull off some flash+tp TikTok plays here and there but not exactly consistently viable, especially at higher ELO.

Yoru’s Fakeout (C) ability creates fake footsteps intended to confuse the enemy. The major problem with Yoru's Fakeout is that it has a unique audio signature that is quite different from actual footsteps. While it is intended to mimic a footstep, the audio signature makes it ridiculously predictable in-game.

The Redditor suggested the following changes for Yoru's rework:

  • retains his signature ability (gatecrash);
  • fixes/reworks his footsteps to be more viable;
  • gives him that creativity (better ways to get new angles) and deception (much better at pulling rotations with footsteps+teleports) that the devs intended; and most importantly,
  • does not change the sound or visual integrity of his abilities which maintains the agents' competitive integrity/counterplay for the opposing team.

Recent Datamined Game Files Shows New Yoru Abilities Coming To VALORANT

Popular data miner @Shiick recently came across a few game files that hints at a new ability rework for Yoru. The name of this new game file is "Clone_Nearsight" and it gives us quite a bit of information to dissect.

Hence, this recent leak about a new ability promises a lot for Yoru fans. The data miner mentions that this new Fakeout ability might look similar to Mirage's clone from Apex Legends.

Similarly, others insinuated that this ability will function like Alibi's abilities from Rainbow Siege Six. Essentially, it would work like a Sova dart or Cypher trap. It will either reveal the enemies location or trap and nearsighted them. Although there is no official confirmation regarding this leak, fans feel that this ability should be added after VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3.

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