Valorant: Yoru Map Guide For Icebox - Best One Way Flash Spots And Off-Angle TP

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Valorant has five different maps and five unique Duelists. While players can experiment with the different possibilities posed by each Duelist, there is no one better than Yoru on Icebox.


The Japanese Agent was introduced with this snow-themed map. Naturally, players using Yoru on Icebox can expect to have an edge over other Agents for various reasons.

Table of Contents

The goal here is to discuss how players can use Yoru's exceptional rotational abilities to bamboozle opponents on Icebox.

Yoru on Icebox

Yoru mains can change the course of any match on Icebox using the Agent's kit properly. However, there are a few lineups, ability combinations, and TP spots that players need to take advantage of.

To explain better, we will discuss how to use Yoru's abilities efficiently while attacking first, followed by defending. Players can use the same lineups, TP spots, and one-way flashes even if they defend first, just make sure to mix it up!

Attacking A Site - Flash lineup

Firstly, let's focus on the one-way flashes Yoru mains can execute while attacking A site.

  • From Mid Blue to Mid Pallet and Boiler - Throwing Yoru's flash from Mid Blue on the side of B Tube blinds two angles at once. Opponents aiming from Mid Boiler will have to fall back, and anyone at Mid Pallet will be blinded by this one-way.
  • A Pipes to A Site and Rafters - Players can aim their crosshair towards the vertical structure at A site and throw a flash. This will blind enemies playing Site, and Rafters. While executing these flashes, it is important to peek together with teammates to catch opponents off guard.
  • A Site to A Screens and Rafters - This flash lineup can be used for a post-plant situation where the opponents are rushing from B to A Site. Throwing Yoru's Blindside on the Rafters wall inevitably creates a one-way pop flash that blinds opponents at Screens and Rafters. Players need to time it right and swoop in for that early pick to stop the opponent before they enter the site.
  • A Back Site to A Pipes - This is another post-plant lineup that will slow down a backstab from opponents coming from A Belt. Aim towards A Nest and throw the flash at an angle that allows it to bounce off A Pipes. This will blind anyone coming from A Belt, Nest, or Pipes.

Defending A Site with Yoru

  • A Back Site to A Nest and Pipes - Aim for the cross-section between A Nest and Pipes. Throwing the flash in this location will blind the opponents but won't affect your teammates. However, this trick is wasted if the defending team doesn't play for picks.
  • A Nest to A Belt - This lineup is for the aggressive Yoru mains who like to push attackers through A Pipes. The trick is to throw the flash between the two boxes near A Belt. This will effectively blind anyone entering the site from Attacker Side Spawn.
  • Mid Palette to Mid Blue - This flash will follow the same concept as the first one for attacking A site. Players will need to throw Yoru's flash aiming at the side of B Tube. This will definitely blind anyone peeking from Mid Blue

Attacking B Site - Flash lineups

Players can get creative with some of these lineups on Icebox's B Site, simply because of the map design. Yoru's one-way flash is an exceptional tool to devise an entry for the attacking team.

  • B Garage to B Green, Yellow, and Cubby - Yoru mains can stand right at the edge of B Garage and throw their flash towards one of the crates near B Green. This one-way flash needs to be utilized with precise peeks. The trick is to throw the flash and wait for a second before it pops.
  • B Green to B Site and B Snowman - To execute this flash, aim your crosshair at B Yellow. Throw the flash on the Yellow crates and make sure it ricochets towards B Site and Snowman. If timed right, the attackers can get multiple picks with the help of this flash.
  • Mid Blue to B Orange and Snow Pile - Aim underneath B Tube towards Orange and Snow Pile. Throw the flash towards Orange while Yoru is under or a little further from B Tube. This will make it a one-way flash and will catch anyone off guard at B Site, Kitchen, and Snow Pile.

Defending B Site with Yoru

Defending B Site with Yoru can be a tough gig. However, with the following lineups, players can surprise attackers, and hold off an early rush on site.

  • B Orange to Mid Blue - This is perhaps the strongest and most unexpected pop flash in this list. It's a little difficult to master, and players will need to put their crosshairs exactly at the spot shown in the image. Essentially, the flash will pop right on top of B Tube, blinding everyone at Mid Blue to Attackers Spawn. A quick peek from under B Tube, will give players some easy kills.
  • B Cubby to B Garage - Position yourself at B Cubby and aim at the 0 on the grey container shown in the image. Throw the flash right at the mark, and peek at B Garage quickly. This trick will force the enemies to fall back, allowing your teammates to rotate quickly.
  • B Yellow to B Kitchen and Site - For this lineup, players need to aim towards the glass on B Site from B Yellow. Bouncing the flash off the glass will create a one-way blind. This flash is extremely useful when the opponents have started planting or defusing the Spike. It will make them retreat, and that's the ideal time to peek for a kill.

All these lineups are quite common, and players should try mixing them up. Simultaneously, they can combine Fakeout and Gate Crash along with the flash to teleport to off-angles.

These are some of the popular Yoru flash lineups on Icebox. Yoru mains should always try to come up with creative plays in Valorant instead of sticking to the norm.

Players need to have an unpredictable playstyle to dominate with Yoru on Icebox.