VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3: Release Date, Leaks, New Agent, Battle Pass And Everything We Know

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VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3 is scheduled to begin from 2nd November 2021. This date is tentative and might change during the last few weeks of the current act.

Episode 3 Act 2 is currently in its second week, and fans are happy with the new map Fracture. However, the developers hinted at a new Agent arriving with the next Act.


So, if you're keen to know more about the next act and the new Agent, then we have you covered. Here is everything you need to know about VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3.

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Latest News

28th October -

Riot recently released a couple of teasers Agent 17 Deadeye, showcasing one of the abilities. Fans are predicting that Deadeye will have a sniper rifle which will act as his ultimate weapon.

Speculations suggest that his ult will penetrate through walls to find enemies, similar to Sova's ultimate in-game. Players also discovered numerous bugs on the minimap which hints at another ability, similar to Cypher's traps.

21st October -

Riot Games informed players that the next Agent 17 is going to be a Sentinel. They have also addressed that some major changes will be coming with the next Act, especially with respect to long-due Agent modifications.

The three Agents in question are Omen, Yoru and Jett. Fans are excited to know if they will get a buff in VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3. We will have to wait for the official announcement to know more about these changes until the next Act begins.

VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3 Release Date

Episode 3 Act 2 is scheduled to continue for eight weeks. This means that VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3 is likely to commence from 2nd November. However, Riot Games postponed the previous Act by two weeks, and they will likely do the same for the next Act.

The current battle pass has 50 tiers, with numerous gun skins and cosmetics which players can unlock by completing all the weekly challenges. One of the primary reasons for extending the timeline is to allow all players to level up quickly in VALORANT.


Regardless, several rumours and leaks are surrounding the next act. While most of them are speculations at this point, we will highlight the most plausible ones.

To start we have the two leaks suggesting that a new Agent will arrive in VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3. Codenames for both Agent 17, and Agent 18 were leaked, but only one will arrive in the next Act.

VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3 Battle Pass

The developers planted numerous clues in the current battle pass for players to get an idea of what's coming in the next Act.

Similarly, players can notice some of the other cosmetics in the battle pass. While most of them have a recognizable image, some feature areas we have never seen in VALORANT.

The battle pass for Episode 3 Act 2 has a Golden Watch player card, which is a teaser for the next Agent 17. According to several experts, these cosmetics and player cards foreshadow what's about to come in Episode 3 Act 3.

Is A New Agent Arriving In VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3?

Popular data miners and influencers like @Floxay, @Shiick and @ValorLeaks, revealed two new codenames from the game files. Agent 17, also known as codename Deadeye is most likely to arrive with Episode 3 Act 3.

Similarly, Agent 18, codenamed Sprinter, will perhaps arrive with VALORANT Episode 4 Act 1. Before KAY/O was released, a similar codename was discovered, attached to our beloved android Initiator.

This proves that Riot Games is teasing a new agent coming to the game, who might become Valorant's first Barry Allen. Nevertheless, the developers left several clues all around the new map which reveals more about Deadeye.


For instance, players can discover two distinct sniper rifle cases on the Fracture map. These two are identical and belong to Deadeye, from both Earth 1 and Earth 2. As of now there is not much to go on beside these leaks, but we will keep you updated once the information surfaces.

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Is A New Map Coming to VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3?

Earlier, leaks insinuated that Agent 17, codenamed Deadeye, would join the game in Episode 3 Act 2. Instead, fans got to see the new map Fracture. So it's highly plausible that no new maps are coming to the game until the start of 2022.

Fracture will enter regular game modes from the third week of September, which means the wheels have started turning. Players can enjoy competitive action on this dual-sided map to push rank in Episode 3 Act 2.

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