VALORANT: Shroud Shows The Best Method To Use Skye Flashes

Popular Twitch streamer, Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek recently showed how to dominate matches with Skye in VALORANT. After the latest Patch Update, Skye has become one of the best VALORANT Agents in Episode 3 Act 1.

The developers changed how Skye's flashes work in-game, and this has encouraged players to come up with clever one-way flashes. In his recent stream Shroud dominated a few unranked lobbies with this Agent, and showed how to properly use her utility all around.

Here's how you can learn to play Skye like Shroud.

Skye Agent Changes

Skye is the complete team agent who can hang back during gunfights, heal teammates and blind enemies as they rush in towards a spike site. Contrarily, players can use Skye like Shroud and challenge crucial angles during defensive rounds.

This conditions the opponent to expect flashes from specific angles and makes it easier for the player to pop an off-angle flash.

The recent changes to the Agents have facilitated a new meta in VALORANT. Skye flashes were nerfed in terms of price and quantity, but they are still highly effective.

Currently, Skye can equip two flashes (250 each) at the start of every round. Instead of three flashes, Skye now has two, but her flashes regenerate every 40 seconds.

A major mechanical change was introduced to Skye with Patch 3.0, and it allowed players to pop the Guiding Light while aiming at opponents with their weapon.

This change allows players to peek early and flash only when it's required. It's highly efficient in ranked matches, and will always guarantee an easy kill.

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Shroud's Technique

Skye's strength lies in her self-sufficiency as an Initiator. Experts argue that she is indeed a Duelist at heart, stuck in an Initiators role. This gives her immense map control to lurk around spike sites.

Shroud often uses Skye flashes by throwing them at walls. This trick allows the Hawk to ride across the wall quicker. However, timing the flash once the Hawk has reached its maximum distance is the key to master this trick.

Shroud demonstrated his technique on Split, Haven, Icebox and Ascent. He uses the Guiding Light to ride across a wall and peeks from the opposite angle after popping the flash. Shroud paired up with ShawnBM to execute this flash trick to get some easy frags.

Skye's flashes are perhaps the most versatile ones in VALORANT right now. Players come up with some ridiculous plays to blind the entire enemy team.

Shroud also showed some creative techniques to use Skye's Trailblazer. He agreed that this is the most underused ability in Skye's kit. He used Skye's Trailblazer to check corners and clear angles for his teammates while pushing aggressively.

Shroud used the Trailblazer to halt an incoming rush during defence, and paired it up with a Guiding Light to flash the opponent team. This is how players can get maximum efficiency out of Skye's utility.

Although beginners will have to train for years to aim like Shroud, they can learn how to use Skye's abilities.

Shroud uses this same technique combined with flashes and seekers. Always make sure to communicate with your teammate before flashing, that way you can double-peek and secure easy frags.

For more advanced tips and tricks check out our Skye Agent Guide to dominate every rank in VALORANT.

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