"It’s Literally So Simple Yet So Elegant" - Shroud Explains Why VALORANT Is Easier Than CS:GO

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Popular Twitch streamer Shroud recently admitted that VALORANT is relatively easier as compared to CS:GO. The never-ending debate began when Riot first announced the release of their tactical FPS.

The debate rages on to date as professionals, streamers and community experts are asked about the contrast between these two games. Both FPS titles might look fundamentally similar on paper, but there is a vast difference between them.


Shroud's opinions on both games clearly reflect how professional CS:GO players have a higher-skill ceiling to crack through. Compared to that, VALORANT has equipped players with unique agents that focus on one aspect of the game, while your teammates can focus on other things.

This radically differentiates the two leading FPS titles from each other. Shroud spoke his mind about this difference several times on stream before. However, this time he breaks it down to the most important factors behind this disparity.

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Shroud Reveals How VALORANT Is Easier Compared To CS:GO

Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is undoubtedly one of the top CS:GO pros of all time. He retired to pursue his successful streaming career and that made all the difference. Just like numerous CS:GO pros emigrating to VALORANT to kick-start their careers on the right track.


Shroud's take on VALORANT has always focused on how the game is fundamentally unconventional from CS:GO. This is one of the significant reasons why VALORANT Esports is so popular.

In his recent stream, Shroud mentions: "God, I love how easy this game is. Like, in CS, you’ve got to learn every single flash, and smoke, grenade, and molotov lineup to be an effective player. But, in this game, you’re relying on your team to be the effective players in those roles."

Beauty lies in simplicity, and Shroud absolutely loves how VALORANT is simpler as compared to Counter-Strike. He highlighted that CS:GO professionals have to learn and memorize numerous lineups for various maps, whereas VALORANT pros need not focus on every aspect of the game.

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"VALORANT Is Simple Yet Elegant"

Shroud has made his thoughts clear on how VALORANT's simplicity makes it better numerous times in the past. He has also been an avid critic of cosmetics in VALORANT which the community feel are pay-to-win.

He highlights how a VALORANT pro has to master only a few roles in the game to master specific Agents. Shroud said, "You’re focused more on your role, and I love that. I love that. It’s so simple. It’s literally so simple yet so elegant."


Nevertheless, his comparison between VALORANT and CS:GO highlights and proves why so many pros changed games. Professional players like Tyson "TenZ" Ngo, Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom, Spencer "Hiko" Martin left Counter-Strike to seek their purpose with VALORANT.

The core difference between CS:GO and VALORANT lies beyond the mechanical skill needed to master both FPS titles. Experts claim that VALORANT offers what Counter-Strike failed to, and it has successfully created a market in the gaming world.

Even in terms of content creation, VALORANT is leagues ahead of CS:GO, and has a growing interactive developer-gamer community. The debate on which game is better will rage on, and it is for the audience to decide. However, this recent assessment from Shroud does put into perspective how VALORANT is far easier to master than CS:GO!