Are the maps in Valorant real?

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Valorant currently has six maps in the game, representing specific locations in a future earth environment. These maps were designed after real-life locations, which is why they look remarkably familiar.

Some of these maps are also related to Agents, and it's revealed by their voice lines. For instance, specific Agents like Raze, Yoru, Omen, Skye speak certain voice lines when they are matched on Split, Bind and Haven.


Thus, these locations not only represent actual geographic areas in the world but also have hidden lore ready to be explored.

The real-life locations for each Valorant map can be discovered by using the coordinates on the loading screen. Searching these coordinates on the internet will reveal their location.

So if you ever wondered where all the maps originate from in Valorant, then we got you covered. Here's everything you need to know about Valorant maps, and the lore related to them.


This image is from the Hookah section of the Bind Map in Valorant. It is designed by Riot Games.
Bind Map (Image via Riot Games)

Map coordinates at 34°2'A' N 6°51'Z' W, off the coast of Rabat, Morocco.

Bind is a map designed after Rabat, Morocco. It was present in the game since the beta version. Bind is also known as the hometown of Cypher.

In fact, Cypher says the following while playing on Bind:

"What has Kingdom done to this town?! However pretty their lies are, they're just sucking my city dry."

This map is popular for its dual teleporters that allow players to jump from one site to the other instantly. Most of the fights in ranked matches on Bind depends on which team takes control of the mid-section.


This image is from the Attackers Spawn area of the Split Map in Valorant. It is designed by Riot Games.
Split (Image via Riot Games)

Map coordinates at 35°41'CD' N 139°41'WX' E, in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.


Split is set in Tokyo, Japan. It was one of the first four maps in the beta version. It is also believed that Yoru grew up in Split before Kingdom came along and did some modifications.

Omen, Yoru, Sova and several other Agents have unique voice lines on Split. The most interesting one is where Yoru says, "This neighbourhood used to be so much better without this Kingdom shit."

The map has unique features like verticle ascenders that connect the mid-section to A Site. Similarly, another ascender is present at B Site that connects the site to Mid.


This image is an eagle eye view of the Ascent Map in Valorant. It is designed by Riot Games.
Ascent (Image via Riot Games)

Map coordinates at 45°26'BF' N 12°20'Q' E, in Venice, Italy.

Ascent is a Valorant map that is based in Venice, Italy. It is the most popular map in the game, as most of the official cinematics featured Ascent.


Reyna has an engaging voice line on Ascent, she says:

"This poor place. It clings to life. A city after my own heart."

Similarly, Jett also mentions how she hates that everyone thinks Venice was her fault. Jett is referring to the events of Official Launch Cinematic where another version of her from a different reality caused a Spike explosion.


This image is an eagle eye view of the Haven Map in Valorant. It is designed by Riot Games.
Haven (Image via Riot Games)

Map coordinates at 27°28'A' N 89°38'WZ' E, in Thimphu, Bhutan.

Haven is set in Thimphu, Bhutan. This map is unique as it has three Spike Sites, making it the only three-bomb-site map in Valorant.


Interestingly, Skye makes a fascinating commentary while playing on Haven. She says:

"I can feel what this place used to be. It's dying! What a damn shame."

Haven has two ult orbs, just like every other map, but the additional bomb site comes in handy for both teams.

Defenders can easily flank from the opponent's spawn and catch the attackers off guard. Similarly, attackers can easily take site control and gain send a flanker from B Site to backstab the opponents.


This image is an eagle eye view of the Icebox Map in Valorant. It is designed by Riot Games.
Icebox (Image via Riot Games)

Map coordinates at 76°44'A' N 149°30'Z' E Bennet Island, Russia.


Icebox is set in Bennet Island, Russia. It is the place where Yoru found his ancestor's Samurai armour. Experts have claimed that this is how Yoru got his ult mask.

It's fascinating how so many Agents react to the cold weather on Icebox. Only Sova and Breach welcome the frost and seem at home whenever playing Icebox.

Yoru makes an interesting comment if he wins the match on Icebox. He says:

"Who were you ancestor, and where the hell did you go?"

Icebox encourages and rewards players who make bold plays like flanking the opponent from behind. At the same time, this map has horizontal zip lines on both Spike Sites which only adds to the verticality factor.


This image is an overhead view from the B Site on Breeze Map in Valorant. It is designed by Riot Games.
Breeze (Image via Riot Games)

Map coordinates at 25°00'00.0"N 71°00'00.0"W, off the coast of the Bahamas and in the Atlantic Ocean.

Breeze is the latest map added in Valorant, and it is where KAY/O landed first at the beginning of Episode 3. This map is full of hidden clues and landmarks that hint at the storyline in Valorant.

A popular landmark in the background is "Wolf's Mansion", a property owned by an NPC called Thurston Wolf. This character was not introduced in the game as of yet.