Valorant: Cypher Camera Bug Makes This Agent Almost Unplayable

Cypher has been subject to criticism in Valorant recently as players experience the floating air glitch with his hidden cameras.

But a new glitch has been discovered that actually hinders his use and will disappoint many avid Cypher fans.

Here's what's going on with this controversial agent.

New Cypher Bug

In a post from Reddit user U/panther8387, Cypher seems to have a bug that occurs between the selection of his traps.

"Basically, the issue is, I'm not able to switch back and forth between my traps" explains the disgruntled player.

Once he selects his camera, he's not able to get out of it and switch between traps.

On the map Split, he demonstrates why this is so irritating as he goes to attach to the cables on the map Split.


In an attempt to attach himself to the cables, he will detonate his traps without you intending to.

A one-life game that has an emphasis on abilities, especially tactical ones like Cypher, makes him a tough agent to play with and can ruin an entire round if a bug like this is executed wrong.

It's doubtful this bug will last long with Riot on the case, but we would recommend be cautious when using Cypher for a while.

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